There are many homeschooling "success stories" out there, and I'm happy to say I'm one of them! After 2nd grade I homeschooled all the way through high school; I got into my first-choice college without a problem, and studied music and anthropology.

Last year I started a music academy with a comprehensive, cultural focus. In the spirit of homeschooling (and creative, curious minds in general!) I wanted to create a space for people of ALL ages to not only learn privately, but also play together and learn the colorful, fascinating stories BEHIND the music.

Music, like anything, comes from a culture...and when you learn about the zeitgeist of the time you open up a whole new understanding, appreciation, and love for the music!

I am happy to put myself out as a resource/moral support for parents who are nervous about the prospect of homeschooling. It's not right for everyone, but it was very, very right for me. I'm also happy to chat with older students looking at next steps re: college or other options.

I also want to offer any homeschoolers a 10% discount on their first month of lessons! I personally teach piano and voice in my home in Tigard, but my business also has a guitar teacher, violin teacher, and another piano teacher...all of whom will travel to you! Of course I pick my people very carefully and they all reflect the same spirit.