I can sooooooooo feel your mother's angst.......my little one (8 now) ridiculously healthy (thank you LORD!) except for a burst appendix at age 4 and 1/2 ( I didn't even KNOW kids had bad appendixes.....research revealed that ONE of the causes is repeated bouts of intestinal parasites and worms....which is something you can't really escape in the tropics). That experience, the pain, the surgery, the very painful antibiotics every 4 hours, the painful daily cleaning of the open wound, the two weeks in the hospital.......all took it's toll and now he sort of panics at any place that MIGHT be a doctor's office.....even public offices that seem like they could be dr.'s offices make him really nervous and frightened.

When an appendix has burst they don't sew up the incision; they leave it open with a small drain tube that is pulled out and a little cut off each day until it's all gone and the incision is left to heal and close on its own. My son's scar looks like he was in a bar fight and got slashed with a broken bottle. (I'm really grateful he's not a girl!! *L*)

Our latest trauma was with the dentist. My son had a new front tooth coming in but the baby tooth didn't want to come out.....we'd had the same thing with the other front tooth but when he was playing with the "primos" (cousins) somebody's elbow (accidentally) smacked him in the mouth and loosened the baby tooth so that my son could just pull it out. I was unable to recreate that little adventure and my son laughingly declined my offers to punch him in the mouth (you KNOW I was joking) in order to deal with this stubborn baby tooth. So the only option was the dentist.

We'd gone to the beach and visited the "family" and I just swung by the dentist's office about 5pm to see if he could take us. He could and did. My son was terrified....but so brave as well.....the dentist is a very nice man and he gave him novacain (the worst part "I" think) and then just used his fingers to pull out the tooth.....it was really pretty quick and the dentist put the tooth in a little plastic box shaped like a mouse(!)...

There was another (baby) tooth on the bottom/other side/next to the back that had cracked down the middle (I don't know how or when...I'm a terrible mother!!) and it had begun to decay so I made an appt. for the following week.

I didn't want to blindside my son again, but I didn't want him to be worried and anxious all week so I waited until the afternoon before and told him that the next day we'd go to the beach BUT that we had to do "school" (T4L) first and we had to get that other tooth taken care of.

So we went to our 8am appt. and he was so scared but brave again....he cried and even yelled a little (during the novacain) but he didn't fight and he kept his head still....then it seemed like we had to WAIT for EVER for the dentist to come back to deal with the tooth.

But the second extraction was pretty quick as well.....he used little pliers this time, but was really good at bringing them from behind his back so Ale didn't see. When the dentist asked if he'd like to have the (two BIG parts of the) second tooth. Ale said, "No gracias!" (dentist doesn't speak English)....cute, huh??

We went home and did "school" and then went off for a LOOOOONG day at the beach and he's healed up fine and the front tooth is moving forward where it belongs.

Last week Ale brought me ANOTHER (baby) tooth that he'd pulled out himself and told me, "no dentist!" and I praised him for his great expertise (I didn't know this tooth had come loose...I'm a terrible mother!)

The upside of all this is that I explained that if he didn't want to go back to the dentist he had to brush his teeth at least 3X/day and he IS...no arguing/no complaining.....*sigh* I was completely terrorized by a dentist when I was a kid....so much so that even now I can barely force myself to go. I think the next time I'll ask Ale if he'll come and hold mama's hand....deni.....