Homeschool zoo field trip today
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    Default Homeschool zoo field trip today

    Been thinking about it all week its even written on the board. But alas yesterday I totally forgot until about 9:43 last night. Ugh I hadn't packed or gotten our lunches ready. Heck I didn't even think I had anything to make sack lunches. I hate it when I am not prepared. I had already been up for 20hrs cause of work so I stayed in bed and just got up early this morning. Luckily we had two pieces of bread so I made us each a half a sandwich. Found two bottles of water in the fridge. I bought some bananas at work yesterday and there you go a quick lunch minus the normal treat I always pack for field trips. A quick run into the grocery after we drop my niece off at school will take care of that and we should make it to the zoo with time to spare. That is if traffic doesn't bite in the icky weather we are having. I also got the first aid kit packed and all my paperwork we need. Oh and I am all dressed and ready to go. Everything done before the kids are even awake. Now I can get excited about the field trip. Last year we had lots of fun even though it rained so I bet this year will be the same. Just have to remember to also pack his swim trunks so we can rush to swim lessons right after. And the people I work with who don't have kids envy that I have three days off a week. If only they knew what a "day off" entailed for a parent.
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    Default Re: Homeschool zoo field trip today

    lol busy busy

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