My baby turned 11 on tuesday
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    Default My baby turned 11 on tuesday

    I think it is finally really hitting me that he is 11. It seems like just yesterday that he was born. I had to work on his birthday so he went to grandmas like usual. I woke up a little before one a.m. on Tuesday and couldn't figure out why until I remembered it was my babies birthday and he was born at 12:56a.m. Now that is a mothers love waking at the time her baby was born on his birthday. Or I just couldn't sleep but I am going with a mothers love. He is a pre-teen and that is so scary. In two years he will be a full blown teenager. Yikes can't even/don't wanna imagine what that is going to be like. He is a handful as it is now.
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    Default Re: My baby turned 11 on tuesday

    Oh Amber,

    I so LOVED your tender heart. It does go way too quickly. I cried and cried last week when my husband made me google Kenny Chesney and watch his music video, "Don't Blink". My oldest is going to be 18 years old this year. It seems like yesterday that he was running around the house in his barney underpants wanting to be held and now he is flat ironing his hair to get rid of the natural wave

    Congratulations on your sons birthday!
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    Default Re: My baby turned 11 on tuesday

    Happy Son's Birthday.

    It does go fast. My eldest is 25 and my youngest is four. I have savored my time with my last few kids.

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    Default Re: My baby turned 11 on tuesday

    Happy birthday to your son! March is the big birthday month around here (my oldest turned 9 and my youngest turned 3-- middle sister won't turn 7 until September). It's always a little bittersweet. I can't believe how fast they grow up. When you're overexhausted and up to your knees in diapers it's hard to believe, but it's true. Just enjoy these days because they pass too quickly.

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