4th grader conned me
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    Default 4th grader conned me

    I assigned my fourth grader four items each day; four math, four language, and then four from her choice of science and social studies. It's been a busy week or two and I'd just ask her, did you get it all done? I'd get a yes, and then I'd check behind her by glancing in her portfolio, where it showed the activities completed. Most aren't scored, of course, so it's just the little "completed" thing done.

    Well, just by chance today, I happened to check how LONG she worked....only to find that she did all four language chapters in less than two minutes. Ditto science. She passed the tests that were there, but there were only two.

    Needless to say, I'm fit to be tied. She figured out how to game the system, and did. I'm not complaining but posting this as a warning to any other parents who aren't checking the times closely.

    The kids are smarter than we are.

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    Default Re: 4th grader conned me

    The exact thing happened to me when I was tutoring my nephew. Some of the lessons can be paged through without reading, which is why the amount of time spent on each lesson is included in the reports. The good thing is . . . now you know, and she KNOWS you know.


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    Default Re: 4th grader conned me

    I had the same thing happen with my oldest, he has time4Learning every day and thought that I was just checking the subjects that he did not the time he spent on them! After a week of me sitting by him when he did his work so I knew that he was doing it and reading out loud the stories etc. He hasn't done it since!

    They are so smart sometimes I wish that they tried that hard doing the work!


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    Default Re: 4th grader conned me

    OOhhhh mine did this this week too! UGH! She spent 17 seconds on a punctuation lesson. And then couldn't figure out why she failed the quiz. Needless to say we had to go over for the 4 thousandth time about note taking and putting some pride into her work. Every day is such a struggle for us lately.
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    Default Re: 4th grader conned me

    ever think parenting would be SO much easier if it weren't for the kids?? *ponder*
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    Default Re: 4th grader conned me

    I know this is an older thread but when I've dealt with days of kids pushing my buttons, I found some of these ideas to be sanity savers!

    5 Ways to Prevent Homeschool Burnout

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