I'm new to this and also a single father. I have 2 children,my son is 13 and is sutistic. He needs guidance and i am helping him thru things. And he is doing good in school,going in 7th grade. Hoping he won't have to deal with bullying like he was last year,despite getting A's + B's. His sister on her 2nd yr of college is doing good,but i need some advice mainly women who worry. She has a new bf(she lives on her own and her own apt,and is 20),but this new guy who she met as she told me. Told up front what he does for a living. I think he's 28. But he told her what he makes per hour,what he takes home for a paycheck every two week,how many hours he works. He said what he owes on his c card,his credit score. Is this kinda strange to tell someone you meet your personal information? Is it a red flag i should worry? I need advice from any. Her track with men isn't good. He lives with his married friend and his family. I mean seems like he is trying to impress her,she likes hium because he likes cars and has fast cars. And she is going to school to be a mechanic. But i worry on my kids and need advice or help. Thank You.