ALERT: The Northwestern Lehigh School District did NOT authorize anyone as an intern for the purpose to collect information about you or your family.

I received a phone call yesterday and one today from residents in the Weisenberg area stating that an individual, wearing an identification badge with the name Jorge, is going door-to-door telling residents that Northwestern assigned him to "talk with the parents." He is asking personal information about where children go to school and personal information about teachers and neighboring families. He has the name of some employees and uses the names as though they encouraged or approved of his visits.

It is reported that he is about 5'7" tall and has dark hair. He drove a small silver sedan. The same person was reported by both residents.

Please let your family members know that the District did not authorize anyone to collect information. If we ever do need information, you will be informed by my office in advance of such information collection. Additionally, please let your neighbors who may not be in our Connect-Ed system know this information.

If any such person comes to your home, I encourage you to notify the Pennsylvania State Police in Fogelsville. The number there is 610-366-0609. I contacted the police to inform them that no such person was authorized by NWLSD to collect information.

Dr. Mary Anne Wright
Superintendent of Schools