Any PA Highscool advice for maximum usefullness from T4L
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    Default Any PA Highscool advice for maximum usefullness from T4L

    Does anyone here use T4l Highscool in PA? What have you used for your portfolio a few samplings of test and quizzes like elementary or did you print everything since highschool transcripts are so important? What about grades? Did you keep a separate record of your own or use the portfolio print out reports from T4l? Also what did you use for the subject T4l does not cover but are required?
    I am just trying to prepare for secondary homeschooling in PA and want to get input from others who have used the same curriculum as we do And advice or suggestons is appreciated.

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    Hi, reffox4,

    I do not live in PA, but I saw your questions and thought I'd offer some input. Hopefully someone else will chime in who lives in your state.

    I actually hired someone to do my transcripts. You can use the Progress Report scores to give your student grades for your transcript.

    There is a High School Parent Forum where you can probably get more answers to your questions. This is the link for the main Forum page. Also, I've found this website has great resources and information for homeschooling high school, including free templates for diplomas and transcripts.

    See you around the forums!
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