Can I print worksheets ahead of time?
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    Default Can I print worksheets ahead of time?

    I used the activity scheduler and I can see there are worksheets. Is there anyway to print them ahead of time? Thanks

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    Hi and welcome. Just open your child's login page. Go to the activity that you want to print the worksheets for. The worksheets are not actually in the activity but you will see them listed under the activity on the page. I think my brain is not working this morning because I'm certainly not explaining this well. So let's try this. Log on as your child. Click on lessons. Click on math as an example. You will see the list of math lessons with a little arrow pointing to the next lesson (if you are doing them in order.) Underneath the name of some of the lessons you will see the word Resource. Click on that and the worksheet will come up.

    You can also go under your parent login. Over on the right side of the page click on Lesson Plans. Open up the lesson plans for the subject you want to print out. You will see a W on the far right side for some of the lessons. Just click on that W and the worksheet will pop up.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.
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