Hi, Everyone,

Just forwarding this information out about the prom. If you'd like to stay
on top of all alerts, Paulette has a Facebook page called, Valley
Homeschool Prom <https://www. facebook. com/groups/ valleyhomeschool prom/>.
Additionally, she puts monthly dances together; if you'd like to be
notified of all the dates for those, go to Teen
Dance<https://www. facebook. com/groups/ 362916897060589/>

Finally, we're having our first teen bowling event at Earl Bowl in
Quakertown tomorrow. If you'd like to be kept up to date on teen
activities, ask to join Valley Teen
Meet<https://www. facebook. com/groups/ 268786246532989/>.
I'll be putting together laser tag days, ice cream socials, and perhaps

Also, Mary Steffey has organized a monthly dance/get together in Bally each
month. This is geared for the teens, but it's open to all ages. To be kept
abreast of them, go to Bally Homeschool and Cyber get
together<https://www. facebook. com/groups/ 299212770126468/>.

I know this is throwing a lot at you, but there has never been this many
things organized for teens in all my years of homeschooling in this area.
Most homeschool groups cater to the younger set; I'm proud that Valley/HSBG
is ensuring that our teens have activities as well!