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    Hello! I am considering using T4L to homeschool my 10 year old son. Does T4L meet the core requirements for the portfolio? I don't mind supplementing some things, like the state history and safety, but I want to make sure that all the core requirements will be met with the program I choose. I would appreciate any advice, experience, etc. that you can give to me. Thanks!

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    Time4Learning meets the basic core requirements of most states. An elementary student is required to learn "English, including spelling, reading and writing; arithmetic; geography; the history of the United States and Pennsylvania; science; civics, including loyalty to the State and National government; safety education, including regular and continuous instruction in the dangers and prevention of fires; health, including physical education and physiology; music; and art." Some things such as civics and safety education are a part of normal every day life. We us piano for music. Our local art museum has a monthly homeschoolo class that we use for art. And my son is involved in soccer and other sports for physical education. We have used Time4Learning since preK. I find that it meets our needs quite well.
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