looking for interesting and helpful phonics
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    Default looking for interesting and helpful phonics

    I am a new homeschool mom who is interested in phonics support for a 1st grade boy. We are a family who values books ... and he struggles more than his twin sister (who is actually a grade ahead of him, which causes its own interesting dynamics).

    Just curious what folks may have found useful or NOT useful!

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    I think the main think to remember is that it is not unusual for boys to be slower than girls at reading. Children develop at different rates, even twins. I have an eight year old that is still a reluctant reader. But I am confident that he will caught up to his peers when he is ready. This year I have seen a marked improvement in his reading level. I know it's hard not to compare our children but we really have to try.

    As far as phonics programs, we used All About Spelling for a while. Another thing my son still likes is The Letter Factory and The Word Factory videos by Leap Frog. They were a great investment. And read to him, a lot. The best way to encourage reading in our children is by reading to them and by them seeing us read for pleasure.
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