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    Question New to Homeschooling

    Hello! I live in Waynesboro, PA and I have been really looking into homeschooling my daughter when she is able to go to school. I have my degree in elementary education and I think I would love to do this. I have a few questions and I was hoping this page would be able to answer them for me.

    1.) How do I go about starting the process to be able to homeschool?
    2.) what are some good books on homeschooling or how to get started with homeschooling?
    3.) How do you go about selecting a curriculum?
    4.) My brother really wants me to homeschool my nephew as well. Can I legally do this in PA? If so, what do I need to do before I can do this?

    Thank you!
    Brooke Berkheimer

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    Default Re: New to Homeschooling

    I would start with researching the homeschool laws for PA. Those will send you in the right direction and will (hopefully) indicate whether you can homeschool someone else's child.

    I haven't read many books on homeschooling. I started in 1999 and we pretty much just found a curriculum and started. Everything I learned was from online sources.

    Selecting curriculum is really a personal thing. This is the forum for the Time4Learning curriculum, so most here would suggest it. It's a great way for a new homeschooler to get started quickly and easily. Curriculum choice will also depend on the child's age/abilities, learning style and even the family's needs. Some families need options with little prep, while others don't. Over the years I have always used T4L as either our main curriculum or a supplement, but we have used many, many, many curricula choices. Different subjects may require a different source. Different students may require a different source. Sometimes choosing a curriculum is overwhelming, and that's why we like having Time4Learning. The kids can still log in and do some work, even when I'm unsure what direction we may be going in.

    Hope at least some of this was helpful!

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