I got this in my email today and thought I would share it with you. I know nothing about this other than what you can read. It just sounds like an opportunity some of you may be interested in.


Tuesday, September 10 (Extreme Orchestra, grades 8-12*)

Tuesday, September 17 (Advanced Orchestra, grades 4-7* and Junior Orchestra,
grades 3-5*)

*Grade levels are approximate, based on current enrollment. Orchestras are
divided by ability rather than age.


Souderton Mennonite Church (meet in the lobby) 6-8pm

Want to find out what Got Strings? Youth Orchestra is all about?
Come and meet the conductors ♪ Meet other area musicians ♪
Bring your instrument and sit in on an orchestra rehearsal!
All new "open house" students will be entered into a drawing! Apple Cider and
Donut Holes available J

Got Strings? Youth Orchestra is a non-profit Youth Orchestra based in Souderton,
that is directed by three experienced and enthusiastic area string teachers,
Deirdre Edgell, Ryan Williams, and Sharon Gulla. Got Strings? has 3 levels of
string chamber orchestras; one to accommodate every level of string players! We
are blessed with the support of countless area public and private string
teachers, and make it our #1 goal to support the area's school & private string
programs by providing a low-cost supplement to their educational vision (no one
is ever turned away for inability to pay!). We provide musical outreach into
the community with two 12-week Semesters during the school year that culminate
in 1 Family Concert and 2-3 Nursing Home Outreach Concerts, a rigorous and fun
6-day string camp the last full week of July, and we fundraise to sponsor
top-name artists for free Masterclasses and concerts throughout the year. There
are no formal auditions for Got Strings. Students are placed in one of the 3
orchestras based on ability, and are advanced to the next level at the
discretion of the conductors. In lieu of auditions, Got Strings relies on the
expertise of the school and private teachers, to accurately fill out the
"teacher" portion of the registration forms, showing the student' s level of
knowledge upon entry.

2013-14 OPENINGS:

Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass students with 1-3 years of experience playing.
(Cellists needed!)
Must be able to read music.

Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass students with 3-5 years of experience playing.
Knowledge of 3rd position necessary for 1st violin placement.

Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass students entering grade 7, with 5+ years of
experience playing. (Cellists needed!)
Shifting skills and use of vibrato needed for all string instruments.
Knowledge of 3rd position necessary for 2nd violin placement, and 5th position
for 1st violin placement.

Blessings. Deirdre ♪
Mrs. Deirdre T. Edgell vlnwmn @ comcast . net (minus the spaces) 408 Vine St.,
Perkasie, PA 18944
Edgell Private Violin/Viola Studio http://edgellviolin studio.webs. com
Artistic Director, Got Strings? Youth Orchestra www.gotstrings. com
The Westwoods Ensemble www.thewestwoodsens emble.com
"We have to remember that we are not conducting the New York Philharmonic.
We're not even conductors or teachers. You know what we are? We're farmers.
We plant seeds. We plant seeds that we may never see come to complete fruition.
That's what we do. It is sometimes hard to remember that. We can't get
frustrated or try to tackle too much now because we are planting seeds for the
next month, the next year, the next generation, for time to come. Don't think
that just because they `didn't get it' now, they won't someday `get it.' You may
be wondering why I chose to use the word plant in this chapter rather than the
word patience. I did so because to me, planting, with the above connotation, is
the ultimate in patience. I often think of patience as being sought for the
moment, as opposed to planting, which implies holding one's patience for a very
long germination. "
- Peter Loel Boonshaft, Teaching Music With Passion