Homeschool Burnout!

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Thread: Homeschool Burnout!

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    Default Homeschool Burnout!

    Homeschooling is hard work, but most homeschooling parents think it's worth it. How often do you dream about putting your children into a traditional school?

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    Every now and then I think about it. But it is not because I am burned out. I am completely certain homeschooling is the right thing for my child. She is completely convinced that homeschooling is the right thing for her. But she is strong willed, and so am I, and sometimes we butt heads in a magnificently impressive manner. When we butt head so powerfully, sometimes I just want to not butt heads anymore. Then I remember how horrible her behaviore and attitude were when she was in public school...and I get over wanting to ever send her back to public school.
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    Nope. Never. I did have a period of burnout...about a year after we started homeschooling, lol. I kept trying to make my homeschool run the way others were making their's run. But I realized that as long as the boys are learning/thriving/growing, there really isn't a "supposed to" kinda way to homeschool. Since that realization hit, it's been fairly smooth sailing. Sure, there is resistance some days. But no burnout.
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    When I first started homeschooling I would daydream about sending them to public school A LOT! But it seems the longer I homeschool, the less I'm able to imagine doing anything else.
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    I do occasionally when oldest pushes my buttons by slacking on his work but other than that we are happy with homeschooling burnout happens and we take breaks!!
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    I think I have an annual "burnout time" that lasts a couple weeks. I do not really dream about putting the kids in typical school though. I can empathize with having a daughter who is strong willed. My daughter is but I am not and it drains every once of energy the way that girl can argue. The thought of putting either child in regular school actually scares me,lol.

    What I do dream of though is a couple months of them going to a daycamp. When they were a younger they did for a few weeks out of the summer and for the most part it was soooo nice!

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    Not from burn out, but I have considered putting my youngest in school. Both his brothers will be gone next year and he will be alone. The big boys are going to be together for college and the little guy has said that, if he were prepared to go, he would go with them. If I could find somewhere that was a good fit academically, I would look into it. The Doodlebug was not designed to be an only child and I know he is going to be lonely.
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    Hi all, great to be back with T4L.

    Wow this is a great question for me. I have two boys, one very strong willed.

    I did have burn out and did put the kids back into public school.
    We homeschooled for many years and I have older kids too in their 30's now that homeschooled too.
    Well, I wish I would not have placed them back.
    Oh not that I don't like the school, I do. And most the teachers are very nice.
    but values get messed up and the social thing...well let me tell you..the social thing... truly is what some say and it has changed them.
    However, they are still in public and one wants to continue into high school(praying about that one) in public and my 6th grader, well he likes the friends and the electives that go along with public but he miss all the great things about homeschooling.
    We are preparing to homeschool next year for him now.
    He will go for wood shop and PE etc. but main classes at home.

    It does get tiring homeschooling for some of us and for some of us as well we wonder if we are doing the right thing.
    I have learned many things as a homeschool parent, one being that IT IS hard taking the teacher hat off.
    Time 4 me is what I needed.
    Funny thing is I found myself every day in the eSIS checking grades and being just as concerned and wanting to be just as involved as when we homeschooled. Ha! So much for leaving burn out behind. lol.

    Not really. I did get a well deserved break and the kids learned much about what it is like to be in public school in upper grades.
    They thought school from about 8-9am to around 2pm every day was a lot, but they forgot that they had lunch time when THEY were hungry and they read books without being made to for the sake of a reading log, which I might add that if they forgot to bring home the reading log that it dropped their LA grade one whole grade over night! AND he got an in school suspension for 4 days because he did not bring that log home for me to sign! (yeek!) (He loves to read, so this was sad) For me it was very hard to see my readers, not wanting to read! I do understand that they do that for many reasons at the schools though, one being just learning to follow what they are told to do.

    -They forgot how nice it was to be done for the day and so did I forget about that when I thought how nice it would be to put them in traditional school. Hum, I have seen my 6th grader come home and have so much homework that he worked until 8pm, night after night, however being on the honor roll is important to him so he would study into the evening hours.

    I forgot when I was tired about how the public schools approach sex ed too. Wow! We are a family who teaches abstinence. Knowing that they grow up and follow their own; but I just don't like anyone telling my child that they have "confidentiality", good...maybe...but again I want my kids to know our family values and heavens sake ..if I had a daughter, why on earth would I want her to run off and get a confidential abortion without speaking to me about a choice that she made and now regrets. Oh My!
    So burn out for me...well I will figure out something in the future when I am feeling burn out coming on. LOL
    Just too much "cattle herding" for me.
    So I have shared my thoughts here, hope it wasn't too much.
    learn laugh teach rest and then ...start all over again. lol lol
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    Default Re: Homeschool Burnout!

    *whew* While this is an older thread, the topic is one almost all homeschooling parents can relate to. (If you haven't yet -- trust you will!)

    At one time or another -- scratch that... MORE than one time or another -- we all have one of THOSE days. Those days where your child looks at you like you're speaking a foreign language when you mention a concept you've spent the last week covering. Those days when no matter what you try -- cajoling, homeschooling in pj's, taking breaks every 10 minutes... your child is a puddle of tears or fighting you over E.V.E.R.Y S.I.N.G.L.E T.H.I.N.G! Argh.

    Then there are those moments where you are just plain tired. Homeschooling is a lot of work! All the planning, grading, sorting through curriculum, teaching, etc. (BTW -- Thank you Time4Learning for shouldering so much of that load now!)

    Then there is the FEAR-monster lurking! You fear you may be letting your kid(s) down as you listen to other parents share all the *fun* their kids are having in school. You fear there's NO WAY you can get past Algebra. (Geometry was the bane of my existence in high school and college. Now I've had to go through it again with my kids with more to come! Sheesh!) There's fear of will my kids be able to play sports... and ACK -- COLLEGE planning? They can't possibly be prepared at home, right????????


    So what CAN you do to combat all of these moments when you're preparing to throw your child on the next yellow bus driving by!?

    I've been homeschooling now for decades (yes, that's plural... large family and still much more to go.) Homeschool burnout threatens from time to time both for me and for my kiddos.

    I love this article with several helpful tips we deploy to try and avoid burnout: 5 Ways to Prevent Homeschool Burnout

    Another valuable tip: If you have not done this already, at a moment when you are NOT feeling stressed, take time out to create a list or a note to self, outlining exactly why you began homeschooling in the first place. Be certain to write down all of the positives (which really ARE numerous!)

    On a *good* day with the kids -- have them work with you to create THEIR list of what they love about homeschooling.

    Make copies! Post both in plain view! (Mine are on the wall by my desk.) Refer to it (OFTEN) and especially when you are feeling like throwing in the towel.

    Having a bad day!? Post here and vent! (Heck, I may wallow from time to time with you! LOL) Trust, you will get through it! Have a tip of your own? Please share! I'm sure we can use as much in our arsenal as possible!


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