View Poll Results: How does a holiday, such as Labor Day, affect your homeschool day?

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  • We take the day off from school.

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  • We take the day off from regular school work and just study the holiday.

    1 5.88%
  • We add a study of the holiday into our regular school work.

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  • Something else

    5 29.41%
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    Default How does a holiday, such as Labor Day, affect your homeschool day?

    Do you do anything different on holidays?

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    I voted something else. It somewhat depends on the holiday, but it primarily depends on if my dh goes to work! LOL

    We always take off for New Years Eve and Day and we don't study anything! We don't take off, but I do explain in passing and maybe we will watch a video, read a little book, or print off some coloring pages for MLK Day, Presidents' Day, Valentine's Day, and St. Patrick's Day. The Persian New Year is right at the first day of spring and we usually set up a New Year's Table and go to some events, but we don't stop school. We often go out of town to my mother's for Easter and take off from school on Friday and Monday. I try to study Easter a little on Thursday or Friday before we leave. Unless my dh takes off work and we do something, I am embarrassed to admit that I don't acknowledge Memorial Day. Some years dh has worked on July 4th, so we studied the holiday at home and then went to fireworks at night. Some years dh was home on July 4th, so we spent all day at the lake. Some years we have acknowledged Ramadan as a family, but this year I don't think the little guy even knew that it was Ramadan. Unless my dh takes off work and we do something, I don't acknowledge Labor Day. We don't take off but I do explain Columbus Day in passing and maybe we watch a video, read a little book, or complete some coloring pages. We take off for Halloween, because Halloween is my favorite holiday. I like to dress up, be silly, and eat candy- umm, I mean hand out candy- all day. We take off from most regularly planned school work the week of Thanksgiving and do some things about Thanksgiving. When we officially finish our required 90 days for first semester, we stop most planned school work and do crafts and winter unit study type things. We always take off from all school and go to my mom’s for Christmas. We study Christmas before we go.

    We don't take off school or even study it, but I try to remember to look out for Purim, because I love hamentashen. Purim is, of course, when you can find it everywhere. I don't know that I have ever connected hamentashen, Esther, and Purim for my children who don't like hamentashen, but I guess I should.

    I am sure that there are holidays that I have forgotten.
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    I am with Mandy, I voted we take the day off but it depends on the holiday and if their dad is off or not. I like to add in something about the holidays whenever I remember!!
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    I also voted "something else." We don't even start school until after the Labor Day weekend. If our year is going well, we take off from Thanksgiving to New Years. We don't really take off Easter since it falls on a Sunday and we like to take our annual beach trip at the end of April. As for the other holidays, we don't really take them off. We might, depending on where it falls during the week. Whether or not we are off or not, we always incorporate the holiday into our school. Sometimes focusing on the holiday is the only thing we might do that day. This is usual for holidays like Memorial Day and 4th of July (yes, we are still "in school" in July). Sometimes a little project/worksheet/reading about the holiday is just worked into our day.
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    We take off whenever Dad is home. My son refuses to do school work in front of Dad. We also does not think he should do school on days when his friends are not in school so we take off most school holidays. We only do school on holidays if Dad is working and it is bad weather so he can't play out with his friends.
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    We take the day off on most holidays that generate a "vacation day" for those with regular work schedules. I have been decidedly lax on educating about the "lesser" holidays (Groundhog day, Valentines, Labor Day, etc.) We particularly mention patriotic holidays, even the little know ones like Flag Day. We take off part time from Thanksgiving to Christmas, then mostly off from Christmas till the Epiphany.
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    Well, we definitely take the day off if Daddy is off from work. Can't get any schoolwork done with him underfoot anyway.
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    We take off from the school. We will enjoy. We go for outing. Sometimes if we don't have interset to go out I simply download few coloring pages and starts coloring them. We have lots of fun. We downloaded few from momjunction like Cindrella, Jasmine, Barbie and few animals coloring pages. Here you can find few dinosaur coloring pages. 25 Unique Dinosaur Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love

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    I'm giving my son weekly goals, not daily ones. A Monday holiday shouldn't affect our weekly flow at all. But then we'll take off completely for the Jewish holidays, and for the week before my son's Bar Mitzvah (when he'll be busy enough without doing secular studies too.) I expect we'll do "more school" on the days when my 18 year old daughter has college classes (and the car, so we can't go anywhere anyway) and "less school" on the days she's home.

    We're planning to start next week (tomorrow) so I have yet to see how this actually works out.

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