What do your children wear to school?

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  • Whatever they feel like

    14 87.50%
  • Pajamas

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  • Jeans and tees

    2 12.50%
  • Uniforms

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  • Dressy clothing

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  • Other

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    Default What do your children wear to school?

    What do your children wear to school?

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    Whatever they feel like...within reason, lol. Boys are funny, and it's remarkable just how comfortable they are walking around in just their boxers, lol. So, our rule is they have to have clothes on, of some sort. Some days, they get up and get dressed. Especially if we know we have things to do outside of the house at some point. Some days, they just want to stay in their PJs. I have days where *I* stay in my PJs. I know that as they get older, they will have to develop a routine. But for right now, being able to stay in your PJs and do school is one of our favorite perks of being homeschoolers!
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    We are very laid back, so wearing whatever you want is just fine (well, like Katie says, within reason)

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    I generally make my kids get dressed for the day. If I didn't, they'd stay in PJs all day every day, even going outside to play and whatever else wearing pajamas! Sometimes when the weather's bad and we have no plans to go anywhere we have "Pajama Day" when I don't make them get dressed.
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    It really depends on what we are doing that day but my son ALWAYS puts on jeans (or now shorts) and a tshirt the first thing when he wakes up. Today my daughter still had her nightgown on at 11 but typically that isn't the case. She usually gets up and puts jean/shorts and a tshirt on right away. Me? The first few years of homeschooling I would on occasion wear my pjs most of the day. I found out though that I am a lot more productive when I shower and get dressed first thing. Oh...and then there was the one time I wore my pj's outside to take the dog out...and forgot that my daughter had just put a tshirt on the dog.....of course my neighbor saw. (and this neighbor doesn't know we homeschool)

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    Boxers. Clothes are stripped the minute he walks in the house no matter what. Still not sure why he does this...must be a guy thing. LOL And I don't care, as long as he is learning.

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