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Thread: completed each day?

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    Default completed each day?

    I need to know what all needs to be completed each day. Do they do 1 complete chapter a day or week? What is recommended? Thank you

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    Hi! A preschooler needs a lot of hands-on activity and shouldn't be spending longer than about half an hour at a time on his or her lessons. They also need a lot of repetition. Even if they appear to have already learned something, they will forget if it isn't practiced frequently.

    There are a lot of ways to do this. Here is how I managed the preschool program with my son.

    Each week, we started a new theme. Let's use "Zoo" as an example. On Monday, I would find a coloring page online about the week's theme. He colored it, we talked about it (What is a zoo? Have we ever been to a zoo? What are some of the animals you might find in a zoo?), and then we posted the coloring page on the fridge and he completed the first online activity under that theme. This is usually a story or video, so it's a good introduction.

    The rest of the week, he was able to do any of the activities within that theme that he wanted to do. I encouraged him to do the ones he especially liked as many times as he wanted, but he wasn't allowed online longer than thirty minutes.

    We did other things throughout the week to support the theme. I had a box where I would put toys relating to the theme each week. For "Zoo", we gathered all of his toy animals together. We would count them, talk about the letter their names began with, discuss how the zebra and tiger had stripes, sort them according to color or size, put the lion BESIDE the giraffe and then ABOVE the giraffe and so forth.

    We would visit the library and check out books or videos on the week's theme. Sometimes we took a field trip (to the zoo, to the grocery store for the "Fruit" theme, etc.)

    "Art" was making something out of clay (a banana out of yellow clay for the "Fruit" theme), or painting, or sometimes a cute idea I found online. It was very informal.

    I loved the program, because it gave me a pattern to follow. I knew what the theme would be each week, and I had fun finding things to do that supported the theme. If you search "preschool themes", you get loads of ideas online. Some of the themes within Time4Learning preschool also include Idea Books, with some cute hands-on suggestions. (My son enjoyed sticking adhesive stars to black construction paper during the "Space" theme.)

    It's also important for preschoolers to have a lot of free play time, and time to "help" you around the house. Think of a typical preschool classroom. There are always "creative play" toys: toy kitchens, dress-up clothing, dolls, etc.

    I hope this helps inspire you to use the preschool program as a jumping-off place for a great preschool experience! It was the perfect program for us.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    It is up to you!
    I use it in my childcare and we use it daily about 10-20 minutes.
    We do the same section for a whole week. If at the end of the week, they understand it and are doing it smoothly....we move on.
    If they are having issues, we stick with it for another week.
    I try to plan our other preschool lessons, hands-on, coloring, outside activities, etc. so that it coordinates with the weekly lesson we are working on!
    But, each child is different and you know your child best!
    If they are flying through it and comprehending it... the do it quicker if you want!
    At PreK age, repetitive works well. Think of constantly going over colors in your play with them or showing them something and saying this is ____ and it starts with __. So, I would not just do a lesson once and move on....
    Happy Homeschooling!!!

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    And now I am learning alot from this forum. Keep the suggestion coming. i have to set myself and be ready with this kind of technique.. Homeschooling a special child would be a challenging task for me. I hope it will work.

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    Well its entirely up to you, if you think you can do this easily in on day, then its great, you should do this.

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