Is this a good reason to not want to delay my son's Kindergarten entrance?
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    Default Is this a good reason to not want to delay my son's Kindergarten entrance?

    I am the father of a boy who will be turning 5 on July 5th. He should be going to Kindergarten this fall, as the cutoff in our district is September 1st. His teachers, however, are telling me to wait till he's 6 to send him to Kindergarten(aka redshirting) since they feel he is immature. Here's why I don't want to though.

    My parents waited a year to send me to Kindergarten and I hated it. One thing his teachers said is that redshirting him will put him ahead and give him an academic advantage over his peers. To this I have to ask, how does he have an academic advantage over his peers when he's a grade behind all his peers? How will he be ahead if he's in 2nd grade when he's supposed to be in 3rd? I'd much rather he be doing okay in the grade he's supposed to be in then spectacularly being a grade behind. Doing better than kids a year younger than you is nothing to be proud of, and I want to be proud of my son. Part of glory is doing things early, and if I redshirted my son, he would be deprived of any academic glory, like I was. So it's actually because I want him to have an academic advantage that I don't want to redshirt him. It would be great if he could become valedictorian, but it'll only be impressive if he gets it competing against kids his own age and older.

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    I don't see a problem with what your wanting. My daughter is ahead so I'm Homeschooling her with T4L and because both programs work well for her. She loves the learning online and I don't plan on changing it too much anytime soon. She has been "in school" since she was 1.5 years old. Wanting your son in an academic category that he can compete with of his own age is what every parent should want. I say use this and any other programs you see fit and home school him if the public school doesn't want to abide by your wishes.

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    You know your child best. I find myself pretty much on the fence with our same age child and K, which is one reason why this "K" year will be at home, we can always place him mid-year though in our area if we wish. I started Kindergarten as a 5 1/2 year old. I do recall that from K-12 there was only one April-child and one June-child in our accademically accelerated classes. Everyone else was a November to February birthday child. Since becoming a parent, I've often wondered if some of us were (fortunately) grouped based on slight maturities from the beginning. Of course at that time (decades ago!), home pre-schooling was much less than it is nowadays. Good luck.

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