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    Hi! im new in T4L and also to homeschool! My son is almost 3y/o (OCTOBER kid), i decide to give it a shot early just in case it does not work for us, but i want to try hard! So far we are just going to start with T4L but i will love to use another program and just useT4L as a tool to reinforce what he has learned! if anyone can suggest something? Thanks in advance!

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    Hi and welcome to Time4Learning! That is a such a great age! Any reason why you only want to use T4L as a supplement? I don't have any suggestions for another program, but my daughter used T4L at that age. There was no pressure, just whenever she wanted to. We also used a lot of hands-on activities and games. She's now 5, in the first grade and reads at a 5th grade level!

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    Awesome, Robin! That is extremely impressive. Is your daughter still home-schooled today? I am new as well. I have a four-year-old that will be home-schooled. Should I use the T4L curriculum only? Does that suffice? How did you make that decision?


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