Using Time4Learning at Preschool Level
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    Default Using Time4Learning at Preschool Level

    I am a homeschooling Mom and run a childcare out of my home!
    After being tried and true T4L users for my boys, I decided to use it in my daycare as a supplement to our preschool day! 3-5 kids on crazy schedules didn't allow for a set preschool day! I didn't feel like I was providing what I promised to my families.
    I have any kids 2 and older signed up and each of them use it daily. They get to do 1 section a week and repeat it all week long so that it sticks. I sit with them for the 1st time of each section and then watch after that.
    The kids love being on the computer, they think they are BIG kids and it is great to see them learning.
    No matter what time of day my kiddos arrive, they are able to get some schooling in!
    They learn letters, colors, shapes, patterns, numbers along with things like animals, human body and food.
    And just like with my own boys, I get to supplement with fun stuff. I can look ahead and plan our weekly theme around what they are using on T4L.
    You can read more about my preschool adventures on my blog, Preschoolers Day by Day

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    I love that

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    Hi, we have recently decided to home school our two children 1st grade and 4th grade. My 4th grader is a very visual learner. I have looked into your program and am very interested in it. Will there be tools to help me plan their days? Also, we were wanting a Christian program especially for their History and Science, i have also looked into Switched on Schoolhouse, how does this program rate against SOS? Any comments are welcome. God Bless!!!

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    Hi, Lillian. There is an Activity Planner within your parent login account to help you make plans for your children.

    Time4Learning is a secular program. Parents who want religious instruction provide that separately. There is a Christian section in this forum where you can connect with other Christian families using Time4Learning.

    My own kids tried SOS for a little over a month. There are far fewer animated game-like lessons or videos with SOS than on Time4Learning. Time4Learning does have some text-based lessons, but a huge majority of the SOS lessons are just reading with drop-down question-and-answer boxes . . . nowhere near as engaging as T4L. Also, once you have purchased SOS, you are stuck if it isn't a good fit. With Time4Learning, you pay monthly and there is no obligation to continue for any certain number of months. If it isn't a good fit, you just cancel.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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