Cranston school department is confusing me
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    Default Cranston school department is confusing me

    I'm reading here and read on the RIDE site that the school are suppose to lend you text books, but I'm being told by my city's school department they dont have to, and to get info from my child's principal but both the principle and school department are telling me to go to the other or online, I am not trying to pertray them negitively in any way, I just want to make sure I'm set up for success when it comes to getting the approval. Is there anyone on here that can give me any advice for the cranston school district area? Thank you

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    Hi there. Unfortunately, I'm not in RI. Hopefully someone will chime in soon.

    In the meantime, here is T4L's Homeschooling in Rhode Island page. There are some links to various RI homeschooling sites. I looked on the RI DoE site and as far as I can tell, you just have to present your proposed homeschooling program to the school board. What most families do for that, is they print out the scope and sequence for their child's grade level that year. Hope that's at least a start for you.
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