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    I had to pull my daughter out of school due to bullying on Monday, as the Principal refused to switch her to the other classroom (the teacher was the bully). The Superintendent called me on the same day to inform me refusing my request to home school stating that I needed to meet with the teacher, stating that he had never had any complaints (She's had several meetings this week with other parents due to her treatment of children).

    I agreed to the meeting to get him off of my back, though my husband and I are still set up home schooling our daughter. Today I found out that it is he, and not the school committee (as I was previously informed elsewhere) that needs to approve my curriculum before he will allow my daughter to be home schooled.

    Now because we have already had issues this week, I worry that he will decline my right to home school my daughter and I am wondering if that is legal. I have been able to keep my daughter home this week, but even with a letter of intent and a thorough curriculum, can he legally keep me from home schooling my child?

    Thank you

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    I'm not an attorney, but my own interpretation of the Rhode Island laws is that they have to approve you for homeschooling if your program covers the state's required subjects, the child is "attending" school for a period similar to the public schools, and your teaching is "thorough". In other words, they have to find some deficiency in your method. If you aren't approved, you can appeal to the Department of Education and ask for a hearing. The Commissioner of Education has ruled that you have a Constitutional right to home educate your children.

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