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    Default Rhode Island State Resources

    This is the place to add any resources that you know of in and around the state. Feel free to post any links that you know of.

    Rhode Island Guild of Home Teachers (RIGHT) Edit Remove More
    PO Box 432, Coventry, RI 02816
    Phone: (401) 996-5991
    Email: [email protected]

    Home Educators Network of Rhode Island Edit Remove More
    P.O. Box 63, Mapleville, RI 02839
    Phone: (401) 567-0232
    Email: [email protected]
    Networking homeschool families throughout the state of Rhode Island.

    Rhode Island Christian Home Educators Edit Remove More
    P.O. Box 3612, Pawtucket, RI 02861
    Contact: Chris Childs
    Phone: (401) 729 0207
    Email: [email protected]
    A ministry of Christian homeschool families in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts who have joined together to encourage one another and to promote educational, cultural, athletic and spiritual growth among families.

    Secular in the Ocean State (SOS) Edit Remove More
    Based in Coventry, RI
    Contact: Cris Robin
    Phone: (401) 397-8041
    Email: [email protected]
    Inclusive support group offering information, parent meetings, field trips, monthly get-togethers, and much more.

    AttleboroAreaHomeschoolers (Attleboro Area Homeschoolers) - Welcome to Attleboro Area Homeschoolers. We are a group of families that welcomes all homeschoolers in many communities in southeastern Massachusetts and northern Rhode Island.

    The main purpose of the Attleboro Area Homeschoolers is to give homeschooling families in our area the support necessary to begin the homeschooling experience.

    For questions or more information about Attleboro Area Homeschoolers, please feel free to email Tracy at [email protected].
    To Subscribe, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Attleb...Homeschoolers/.

    e-lds-hs - This is for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who are homeschooling their children.

    Do you live in the Eastern region of the United States? You are invited to join our online homeschool support group. We invite all parents who want to help their children succeed in school and in life, veteran home educators looking for a fresh start, new family educators searching for help and ideas, and parents just thinking about home education to join us.

    Our goal is to support them in their endeavor as well as disseminate information. We welcome anyone not included in another group. Our states include: Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Michigan. ME MA RI DE CN NH VT OH MI MD NY NJ PA
    To Subscribe, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/e-lds-hs/.

    HENRIhomeschool (Home Educators Network of Rhode Island) - Home Educators Network in the Rhode Island Area offering Information and support resources for homeschool families of Rhode Island.

    To Subscribe, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HENRIhomeschool/.

    homeschoolrobotics (Homeschool Robotics) - This group announces upcoming LEGO robotics classes in Rhode Island. The classes are geared toward homeschoolers and afterschoolers. Information on upcoming robotics demonstrations, exhibitions and competitions will be posted here as well.

    To Subscribe, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/homeschoolrobotics/.

    LEAF-Network (LEAF Home Learners Network) - Welcome to LEAF - "Learning Enrichment Active Fellowship" - LEAF is a network of home learners that welcomes all homeschoolers in many communities in south-central Massachusetts, northern Rhode Island and northeastern Connecticut.

    The main purpose of the LEAF network is to give homeschooling families the opportunity to share resources and talents, field trips and events, learning enrichment opportunities, park and beach days, and overall fellowship with others, in a variety of group settings. The LEAF network is offered for those who would like to maintain connections with other families throughout the year through an ongoing calendar of events to be updated by the participants themselves.

    LEAF is informal, all-inclusive and participant-directed. There is no one leader or group of leaders which plans activities and makes decisions for all network participants. Every family in LEAF is a fully contributing partner in the network.

    For questions or more information about LEAF, please feel free to email Lisa at [email protected] or Olivia at [email protected]. Inquiries are welcomed!

    NEW! LEAF Message Boards for discussion of homeschooling, parenting and event topics can be found at http://leafnetwork.proboards15.com/. Duplication of LEAF's written material and graphics is prohibited without prior written consent.

    For more information, visit http://www.learninks.org/leaf/.
    To Subscribe, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LEAF-Network/.

    NEBuddhistHomeschool (New England Buddhist Homeschool Group) - We are such a minority -- us Buddhist Homeschool Families. Perhaps through this forum we can share our experiences in trying to incorporate Buddhism into our lives and homeschooling endevors.

    This is a support group for Buddhist homeschoolers in the New England region -- Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont. Here we can talk about how we home-school with Buddhist ethics in mind. How do we live the 4 Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path in our culture?

    When we are large enough, we will hold monthly or even weekly meetings, field trips, meditation circles and other neat homeschooling things. Eventually, we will also plan a yearly retreat for Buddhists and home school families in the New England region.

    Feel free to join us if you have been a Buddhist home school family for years or are merely interested in it.
    To Subscribe, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NEBuddhistHomeschool/.

    nejhs (A list for members of the New England Jewish Homeschoolers group) - This list is for Jewish homeschoolers in the New England area. That includes CT, NH, VT, ME, RI, MA.

    We welcome people who are interested in participating (and helping to organize) some of the activities we are planning. On this list, we are privileged to have Orthodox Jews, Conservative Jews, Reform Jews, Reconstructionist Jews, secular Jews. We DON'T have so-called Messianic Jews (Jews for Jesus).

    There is no proselytizing allowed on this list. This list is NOT for discussing religious politics or "how" to be a Jew. It's primary goal is to make friends and organize gatherings. Note: NonJews married to Jews and raising their children as Jews or with Jewish traditions are also welcome.

    To Subscribe, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nejhs/.

    nemen (New England Muslim Educators Network) - A private email list for Muslim teachers and administrators in public and private schools, Islamic schools and Muslim homeschools, day care, preschools, weekend schools and after/summer schooling.

    Serving Connecticut, Maine, Massachussetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont


    * To aid Islamic schools, Muslim teachers and Muslim homeschoolers in their educational endeavors.
    * To promote networking, and community building through the NEMEN email list and NEMEN/Islamic school/Muslim homeschool activites.
    * To create and maintain an on going supportive and proactive environment for all our educators for the very best of ourselves and our children.

    Muslim homeschoolers are encouraged to post and promote their activites, shared educational endeavors, field trips, etc. Please also post these events on the calendar.

    Everyone on the NEMEN list is encouraged to contribute and post information on various workshops, professional development, conventions, conferences, forums, etc. within the NEMEN area.

    Started in March 2001, this group has migrated here from another email list site. We also have a new organization site: http://www.nemen.net. Old site that still retains resources: http://www.geocities.com/nemuslimeducators.
    To Subscribe, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nemen/.

    NewEnglandUnschooling (New England Unschooling) - Discussion and support group for unschoolers in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

    To subscribe, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NewEnglandUnschooling/.

    rhode island homeschooling

    To Subscribe, visit http://groups.msn.com/rhodeislandhomeschooling.

    SOSinformation (S.O.S. Email Loop) - SOS (Secular in the Ocean State) is a network of homeschoolers in Rhode Island and nearby MA and CT. We offer homeschooling support regardless of religion, race, politics, or homeschooling method. We are secular, meaning not religiously or politically affiliated.

    SOS is a member-directed network. Ideas for activities, classes, learning co-ops, field trips and other events may be offered by any member at any time. Any member may take charge of coordinating an event, outing or field trip. Offer learning opportunities and other ideas according to your family's interests; attend or plan whichever events work within your family's schedule.

    For more information about homeschooling and SOS, check out our website at http://www.soshomeskoolri.org
    To Subscribe, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SOSinformation/.
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