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    Default new to road schooling

    My family is new to road schooling, this will be our first year? What tips to you more experienced roadschoolers have? This is going to be a huge learning curve!

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    Congrats on becoming Roadschoolers!!! It is defiantly a lifestyle change, but a good one IMO
    My advice is be prepared before you start your adventure. You are off to a good start by checking out forums and talking to other roadschoolers
    ( Roadschooling - Families Homeschooling on the Road and FOTR are great sites to check out to get tons of info/tips )
    Also, make sure you know how you are financially going to support your new lifestyle. How much can you afford to pay for your new RV? New or used? Are you going to pay cash or finance your RV? Knowing your finances will not only affect your new home on wheels, but also affect where you travel to, and where you stay as well. Another question you need to ask yourselves is, will you need to find work along your travels? There is nothing worse than financing a RV you cannot afford and being stuck somewhere in a regular 9-5 job trying to pay for it. Once you know your budget, know yourselves. Some of us go into these huge shiny new RV's and want them, but do not necessarily need them. There are many nice used RVs at a fraction of the price, but remember to check them over to make sure they are in road worthy shape. Nothing worse then finding a big leak the first time you have a hard rain. Size is something to be careful of too; you want it big enough, but be able to maneuver it too.
    Other tips I can offer is to bring only what you need. Space is at a premium in any RV, even those huge ones. There are some things you can do to help create more space, like Space Hangers, shelves, and collapsible everything, but try to remember that you won't be able to bring every book or every article of clothing with you. Last, but not least, Safety First! Make sure you baby proof, if you have young children. Make sure you have smoke AND carbon monoxide detectors that work. Make sure to also check out places you are planning to stay at if at all possible. You can easily do this by just calling that areas local police station. In general, most places are probably safe, but when you are only somewhere a short time, it is hard to always know how safe an area is. I always say when in doubt, check it out
    I hope these tips help and if you have any more specific questions please feel free to ask!
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