Science for 3rd grader
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    Default Science for 3rd grader

    I would like to assign my 3rd grader to do the science in the science section before she does the time 4 science assignments but I'm not sure how to schedule that and print it out so that it shows and is evenly distributed. (is that clear?)


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    Hi, Pattyla. I think you might mean you do not want to add Science4Us until your student has completed all the "regular" science lessons? The Science4Us lessons aren't included in the planner. I think I would make a plan that includes everything except science and set that as your student's default, so that's what she sees when she logs in.

    Then make a separate plan just for science. Play around with it, starting it on the first day of school and ending it at various places thoughout the year until you come up with a plan that you think she can manage (probably no more than three science activities per day). Print the plan and have her check off her science stuff manually.

    When she has finished the regular science curriculum, then begin doing Science4Us.

    I know this is a work-around, but I hope it helps.

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