Trying to figure out how to schedule Science
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    Default Trying to figure out how to schedule Science

    I just signed my 8yo 2nd grader up today. Trying to muddle through all of this and my head is spinning. Do you all do Science as well as Science4Us or do you pick one or the other? Is Science4Us a supplement to the regular science? I'm confused as to how to schedule and utilize them.

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    Hi! Time4Learning provides a complete language arts and math program, with science and social studies available at most grade levels as a free bonus. There are only a few designated science lessons for second grade. You may schedule them however you wish. Science4Us is a completely separate program that Time4Learning has begun to offer recently. Again, you can schedule those lessons however you wish.

    At the lower grades, the focus of most curriculum is math and reading skills. Along with the designated science lessons and Science4Us, all of the language arts extensions in grades one and two are based on science and social studies themes and include lessons that would be considered "science" instead of language arts.

    None of these three science options rely on the other, so they can be done in any order you like. If I were scheduling them, I might begin with just the designated science lessons and add Science4Us when the designated lessons are completed, since it tends to be a bit more advanced. That's just what I would do for my own kids. Your children's needs may be different. I also might have my second grader start with the kindergarten Science4Us level and do all the lessons through the second grade level, depending on your chlid's interest in science.

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