Wrong information in 1st grade lesson.
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    Default Wrong information in 1st grade lesson.

    My first grader was working through the "Temperature Tuesday" lesson, and it mentions that a refrigerator keeps food cool at 73F.
    While I know it is for general comparison to get the concept of temperature differences, and he will not become a restaurant manager one day and decide to calibrate all fridges to 73F based on one lesson in first grade, () I thought it should be mentioned. Maybe it was meant as 37F? I believe the temperature mentioned in C was still matching the 73F as well, though.

    I know I personally would not be too happy with my fridge if it only maintained food at 73F!

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    Default Re: Wrong information in 1st grade lesson.

    You are hilarious! I really appreciate someone with a sense of humor about these things. My kids and I have seen some odd misprints in textbooks through our twenty-some years of homeschooling, so we've learned the value of just laughing at them, too.

    Time4Learning does report program errors to the developer. Was this a Science4Us activity or a regular Time4Learning first grade science activity? I'll go try to find it, but if you can provide the lesson activity number or let me know if it was a Science4Us activity before I get back here, that would be helpful. As soon as I have enough info to identify the specific activity, I'll report it.

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