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    Hi Y'all! I am new to homeschooling and am so excited to get started. After browsing the internet for what seemed like forever, I finally decided to choose time4learning. I know here in SC he required subjects are reading, writing, math, science, social studies, composition and literature, but do any of you use any other curriculum besides the one provide here?


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    For me I also added my own home economics for my son. I would teach him how to use the kitchen in all its glory and then he has to make a family meal once a week. I figured I would kill 2 birds with one stone lol. A night without me cooking and cleaning plus making sure my son knows how to care for himself. next is learning to sew. I look forward for it since I can just have him do the mending for awhile.lol For reading I have a kindle that gives me the classic works of literature for free and have my son choose to read one and write a page about it (free writing).

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