Hello everyone,

Both of my sons have been attending public school since pre-k; with the exception of a short stint at the Challenge Center in 3rd grade. Both of my children are very smart, but my oldest is having a really hard time with high school. He has struggled since he has been a freshman. I have talked to the school numerous times to try to help him figure out ways to start enjoying learning again and I just keep getting "We just want him to pass (with D's) so he can graduate." Him and I have made the decision just recently to try to look into different options for him and this was our first thought. I work fulltime from home for my career and do have the time to help him learn, I just have NO idea where to start? I know there is paperwork for the District that needs to be completed, but what else? I have few questions if anyone could help me out?

1. I noticed this Time4Learning offers 4 courses for $30 per month. Is that enough to get him his needed credits for highschool?

2. How long will he need to spend, per day, on school work? Are credits awarded per course?

3. Is it all web based through Time4Learning?

4. Would it be wise to get his current high school transcript?

5. If he wishes, will he be able to return to school for his senior year and/or graduate with his class?

Thank you for your help with this! I look forward to any advice that can be given!!