12 yr old HF ASD/ Aspergers having hard time with some subjects
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Thread: 12 yr old HF ASD/ Aspergers having hard time with some subjects

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    Default 12 yr old HF ASD/ Aspergers having hard time with some subjects

    Hi all. We've just started T4L, I pulled my 12 yr old from public school last week. He's doing well with T4L on Math and science (science is his favorite), but he's having a harder time with social studies and language arts. I put him in 7th grade for all subjects. He's not as interested in those subjects, so he doesn't really want to spend as much time or effort on them. I'm thinking of printing out some of the social studies worksheets and helping him do them, but I don't want to stress him out if it's too much for now. He can always re-do 7th grade SS if necessary.

    Any suggestions?

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    Hi meerkat,

    Do you think it would help if you changed the grade level for the subjects he doesn't like? Maybe try the 6th grade level for those two? I mean, is it because he's struggling with the reading or is it just that he's not interested, regardless of the curriculum, in those subjects? Maybe for social studies you can supplement with some history videos from the library or Netflix?

    For us it's the other way around. My daughter loves the Language Arts. It's math that she's struggling with.

    I hope some other parents come in with some suggestions.
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    I can completely relate! My HF ASD 11 y/o is all about math and science but not so much into social studies and language arts. At least, it was the case until about mid last school year. She never struggled with understanding the material, but simply would rather sit and do math/science instead.

    We conquered language arts by working really hard at reading material that she enjoys reading. Science fiction is a big hit of course! Even fantasy is a big winner now, too. Learning to enjoy fiction of any sort opened her mind up to appreciating fiction in general, even if she doesn't always enjoy it. She at least sees the underlying structure in it, and that's good enough to get her through with a good understanding of what she needs to know.

    Social studies, we tie it into current events and psychology. Since psychology is my profession, it comes naturally for me to work into the conversation. She's not so into the social sciences, but if I can explain human behavior from a scientific & neuropsychological perspective, she's more willing to listen. We've had a lot of success with social studies and history by working on it from a scientific point of view.

    All that said, I view the idea of "stressing her out" with a lot of caution. I know being ASD, she's more prone to anxiety and stress. However, working through it is also a life skill, and working to find a good balance is more important than trying to avoid stress completely. I've been working with her "rule driven" ASD features to actually make it a rule that these subjects are not optional. I'll meet her half way and make it as accessible to her and even fun if at all possible, but I will expect her to meet me on the other half by working on the material. As long as I know it's something she can understand, I expect it to get done. Clear and firm expectations also go a long way with ASD kiddos.

    The good thing is that she's currently going through a little bit of "withdrawals" from having run out of fun non-educational fiction books to read! Ha! I see a trip to the bookstore for us in the near future ; )

    Long story short, it is very possible, and once you rule out the possibility that the material is too hard, then it's important with HF ASD kiddos to also learn to manage life skills by managing the common stressors for their age. At this point, it's schoolwork. Later on as they grow, the stressors get more complex, but learning to work with them as early as possible is as important as anything else they have to learn in order to have the best chance at success in the future.

    Good luck!
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