17 year old daughter moderate mentally challenged.
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    Unhappy 17 year old daughter moderate mentally challenged.

    Hi as i go thru her work, some seem challenging. how are disable parents working the program. she is reading 1.9 and math 2.3.

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    Hi scottimac,

    I place my daughter in the grade level where she works best. And I move her up as is appropriate for her. I like that Time4Learning allows her to repeat lessons as often as needed. She often learns best with repetition.

    You don't say what grade level you have placed your daughter in, but if she's reading at a 1.9 level, then you may want to try the 1st grade level or the 2nd grade level. And for math, place her in 2nd grade. You can adjust her grade levels at any time and as often as needed in your Parent Administration page under the My Students tab.
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    Default Re: 17 year old daughter moderate mentally challenged.

    Well if your daughter is mentally challenge then there are lots of school especially made for them you can take her there. They are really well managed and she will learn alot and fast when she interact with few more people I guess.

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