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    I am mom to an 11 yr old 2E boy; smart as can be; he hates school and also has learning challenges as well as ADD. In spite of the idea that there are just different minds and labeling is not helpful; sure, it's not helpful if that is the entire way one views their child; but it sure helps to have a label to better help your child know that the trouble they are having is not because they are doing something wrong; but because their brain learns differently and causes them some difficulties. Labels can sometimes help us categorize a group of challenges to make them more manageable; like the symptoms of ADD; when we see them, we can understand that's part of a certain group of symptoms; not a child just misbehaving. For us, understanding that a child can be really smart and have learning challenges that make it hard for him in school; has been very helpful.

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    Hi akidzmom, glad to have you here. Best wishes with your boy, sounds like you all are doing o.k. so far. Be sure to check out the NJ state forum. It 's a great way to find other folks in your area, make new friends, and find out things going on in your state.

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