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    Default ADHD

    I am new to T4L and my daughter is ADHD and I am wondering how are your lessons planned and for how many hours do you have your child work on the lessons?

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    Time4Learning is designed to be student-paced. Take a look on this page about basic navigation of Time4Learning lessons to get an idea of how it works.

    You might also be interested in this page about using Time4Learning for children with ADHD or this one concerning using Time4Learning as after-school remediation or enrichment.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    my son has adhd too, we work with an unusual schedule for him

    Mon and Tues is Math, Science, Reading and (this term) Test prep.
    we do math for T4L and he covers 3 areas at a time. The show me, let me try and Quiz one and then on Tues the next 3.

    Wed and Thurs he does Language Arts, Social studies, Reading, and Health /PE
    T4L he does 3 in each LA and SS, just like in Math

    Fridays we alternate 2 core classes, and so if he does math he will do another 3

    If we did a regular school schedule I guess it would avg out to be 1-2 sections in Math, SS and LA a day.

    I would see how comfortible your daughter is in moving at a pace you both like. My son is happy with the 3 areas a day although there are days when he hates it. T4L is great for homeschooling because you are not on a schedule but your own and you can slow down or move forward or skip around pretty easily. Hope this helps. Dayna
    Happy Homeschooling Dayna

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    I'm a bit late on this conversation. We use T4L with our 10.5yo adhd dd. There are times I have to adjust when we do things. She may just be way too wiggly to sit still and concentrate. There are also times I need to sit next to her to help her stay on track and concentrate. Sometimes rubbing her back or getting her a snack helps. Or I'll write for her as she dictates a math problem (otherwise it ends up being an art session rather than math - lol). Other times I have offered rewards for staying on task and doing well. Dangling carrots can sometimes be a motivator for her.

    I would suggest seeing how your student does and then rework things until you find what works for you/your student. Be patient with yourself (and your student! grin). It may take some time but you'll eventually find a schedule, tircks, system, etc that what works for your family.

    Blessings, Adele

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