ADHD thinking of homeschooling
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    Question ADHD thinking of homeschooling

    Hi, My son is eight years old. We are in a good school system but I do not want to put him on medication, and having had worked in the school system I know that it is not set up for a child with ADHD. He is frustrated at school and his self esteem is going down. His scores on the educational test where high for IQ. I feel that these kids have a gift but the school , well it is like a round peg fitting in a square hole. I have seen how the teachers get frustrated, and almost set them up to fail so we put them on meds. Yet if I decide to home school I will have opposition from school and his dad. I feel it is the only way to keep my sons self-worth in place. I need information and support. Also I live in Mass. Thanks

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    i am going to tell u my expierence as briefly as posible -- adhd or any other issue itall is the same in those schools
    if your child fits a mold that is dictated by the schools standerds its great
    but i have a child with tourettes and i fought long and hard for him and nothing mean time he basically stoped learning because noone was helping his needs. often time adhd kids become known as the bad kid or bully instead of him having a problemj. i have always been against homeschooling UNTIL,i had to decide to let my baby keep going down this road and loosing all self worth or homeschooling him. i am saying tht if ur ok with sacrificing your life do it do it do it do it ! we are struggling to get it rite so to speak and have only been doing it since nov. but we will get it riteand a good support group would be the way to go too. they are all in the same boat and trust me itis not going tobe easy but know its worth it. if you get the ritesuport they will help u
    if ur comfortable let me know how it goes and take care h.s.

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    My Step Son was having a hard time in school also he is 8 yrs old He is in 2nd grade and is very aggressive and violent with other children this is ONLY during school time.
    David has ADHD, and was living with his grandmother since he was a baby;His real mother is in prison and off and on drugs his whole life even during when she was pregnant.
    David was born as a crack baby.. David has alot of issues with mental problems.
    David was sexual,emotional,mental and physical abuses by his Grandmother.. David was in a IEP Behavior class,We withdrawed him due to the safety of him and the other children.

    I know we can do this but His school is trying to cause problems with this..
    I thought its are RIGHT to educate our children???

    As for you sweetie if you really think it would be much better for your child to be homeschooled then go for it.. and i do wish you the best... When i was reading this i felt like it was me reading cause i know what your going thru.. hang in there it will be tough at first but imsure you will get teh job done and done better

    Has anyone else had this problem with there kids school in OHIO?

    thanks for reading
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