Am I doing it right?
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Thread: Am I doing it right?

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    Question Am I doing it right?

    My 10 year old autistic son started homeschooling about 2 months ago. I have grown tired of the hopeless battle of public school and IEP's. He already seems to be getting more done than he actually did in public school, but I know he won't finish the 5th grade at the pace he is going, especially since I started him at the beginning since he had done very little work while still in the public school setting. Is it ok if he doesn't finish the 5th grade work by the end of the school year and just start him back where he left off? Or should I be pushing him to do more work than I know he can process in a day?

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    My name is Bonnie. I am a ese teacher and parent of 2 ese kids. I also homeschooled my eldest.
    You do not have to push your student. He should progress at his own pace and will likely dig in his heels if you try to push him further. Remember that your goal is for your child to demonstrate mastery of the material. but it needs to be on his ability level. How you choose to do that is up to you. It is o.k if he does not finish the 5th grade work. It is ok if he is on varying grade levels. That is the great thing about homeschooling. Try to stay focused on the goal of developing a love of learning. Use your child's interests and desires to drive the type of activities you choose to teach a particular topic. Typically, our ESE students have gaps in learning for a variety of reasons.
    Some subjects such as math demand that your student have foundation skills because one thing builds on another. It will only frustrate both of you if you attempt to have him do tasks he is not ready for. As for most other subjects, you have unlimited flexibility with topics and order that things are taught. Stay flexible.
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    Thank you. That makes me feel a little better. I guess if I do something wrong, the powers that be will let me know.

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    Question Re: Am I doing it right?

    I am actually in pretty much a similar situation....

    Our son is also 10 and on the spectrum. Although he's extremely high functioning, he struggles most with ADHD, and Generalized Anxiety.

    When he opens some of the Social Studies lessons or anything that shows more than 4 things to do for that day, he instantly starts to panic.

    We had to pull him #1 because of how horrible the bullying was getting from other children, #2 His anxiety level was through the roof, #3 he has other health issues which caused him to miss a lot of school thus creating make up work on top of typical classwork = anxiety attacks.

    I know that when we homeschool we are the: Teacher, Administrator etc....

    I just worry that I am going to wind up overwhelming him if I don't figure out a decent schedule for him.

    Do either of you follow a set schedule? If so, how much time to you allow for each subject?

    Any help is truly appreciated.

    Sending a big hello from New Jersey!

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