Any other parents to children with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
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    Default Any other parents to children with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

    Im not sure if I would consider OCD special needs, but it does make life in general as well as learning and teaching, sometimes a difficult task.

    I am the mother to 3 lovely daughters ages 14, 10 and 9. Last year my 14yr old was diagnosed with OCD and then just recently my 10yr old was also diagnosed with OCD as well. They have both shown signs since they were very young, it is only recent that we put two an two together and had them diagnosed.

    They both have different types of OCD, both equally challenging and both equally difficult for a child to understand and manage. I understand they each feel an internal struggle.

    Luckily they are so far mild to moderate in severity. My 14yr did have a "wave" where her OCD peaked and it was pretty severe for a few months during the time she was diagnosed.

    I am thankful that currently my 9yr old is showing no symptoms of having this disorder.

    It was the "wave" that peaked my 14yr olds OCD that ultimately brought me to homeschooling my oldest DD. Her OCD is contamination OCD, this means she has an immense fear of germs, specifically other peoples germs that in her mind may get on her skin, clothes and personal belongings. Though Public school is what we have always done and she always exceeded our expectations in every aspect, life had other plans for us.

    Her fear of germs got so great that she stopped taking the bus, at school she stopped opening classroom doors and her locker. She wouldn't touch papers because other kids had touched them. She stopped touching books and the schools tablets, also wouldn't touch writing tools(pens, pencils, markers etc) She eventually stopped sitting in chairs. Avoided anything she thought was touched by others, which is pretty much most things.

    The school did there best to work with us and tried to accommodate her if/when they could, but honestly with their lack of knowledge on the disorder OCD and of course having so many other students to teach I felt they were growing increasingly impatient with us. That is when I decided to pull her from 8th grade midyear and start our homeschool journey.

    Her contamination fears are of course still with her, all her fears, behaviors, compulsions and avoidances are a part of our home life and well our life in general. Which means she will only do school work in ways that make her comfortable. ALL work is done completely online only, online programs, takes all notes and types reports online. She will ONLY use her own tablet and I cant even go next to it even if she needs help. She will only read books from her kindle. I think the biggest struggle I have is, is that she wont look over papers I print out for her, or look at daily or weekly lists of the assignments I am wanting her to complete. To her paper is a source of contamination, I think because paper brings up thoughts of school which to her is a HUGE source of contamination.

    Its a daily struggle but one we are trying to figure out.

    I am sure most of you are reading this like "are you serious" or "is this for real"? And my answer to you is yes this is serious and very real.

    My second DD is 10 and newly diagnosed with OCD, she is currently in 5th grade and in public school. We believe she has had OCD since the middle of 2nd grade but only just now diagnosed, we also believe she experiences separation anxiety and possible ADD. Her OCD revolves around intrusive thoughts and impulses(not real impulses but more the feeling or an urge to do something that is never really acted out) as well as a few things that are harder to explain in text. This causes her to be an anxious child and often nervous making going to school quite a daily difficult task for her. Her thoughts/obsessions can make her distracted and she ends up missing important information. Im sure the ADD doesn't help either. Luckily she isn't really displaying physical compulsions, though she may be doing them mentally, we are still trying to figure her out.

    10yr old DD has been asking to homeschool since 2nd grade(and it may be in our future) but I'm trying to keep her involved in public school for as long as I can. She really does enjoy school and her many friends, OCD has a way of keeping people from doing the things they enjoy and I want to be sure she enjoys being a regular kids for as long as I can.

    Now that I have rambled on a novel sized post of my kids lives and shared an inside glimpse of being a mother to 2 children with OCD, not only in life, but how it can affect ones learning, I will end on this note:

    While none of you may be familiar with this disorder, it is real. 1 in 200 kids are diagnosed with OCD and 1 in 100 adults are diagnosed with OCD. OCD is a neurological disorder, a common form of anxiety disorder. OCD awareness week for 2016 is Oct 9-15.

    If you read this and have any questions, feel free to post them here. If you or a loved one has OCD and you want to share, please do. If you are a parent to a child with OCD, I would love to hear from you. And if for nothing else you read my experience and learned something new, I would be so happy with just that.
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    Smile Re: Any other parents to children with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

    I am very familiar with OCD in its varying flavors, as I, my husband, and many of my extended and nuclear family members have varying levels of challenges from it. My most current experience with it is with my 9 year old grandson who has an Autism Specrum diagnosis. I live with his family and have been his primary caregiver and teacher from his birth. He is high IQ but very limited verbally, so his Autism-OCD symptoms can sometimes be hard to help him with. I hope you will continue to share your family's experiences and what you learn about coping with OCD with us.

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    Default Re: Any other parents to children with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

    I came across your post and although a few years old I felt obligated to respond! I'm a Freshman and this is my second year homeschooling..I suffer with, what I would classify anyways as quite severe Ocd and Sensory processing disorder (Spd).. My ocd revolves alot around change, things having to stay the same.. compulsions such as knocking my locker 3 times, or having to check my books inbetween classes etc etc etc etc, there were dozens of tics, rituals, compulsions I had to complete during a school day, from the moment I woke up.

    Not to mention the amount I had to complete getting ready for school, and thus I was always late in the morning, or to classes throughout the day.. But for mostly the entiriety of my life ive had ocd.. some of my earliest memories involve compulsions. I was in a brick and mortar environment until 7th grade and none of the school staff ever recognized my symptoms as ocd.. it was always a behavior issue Or just a quirk.. really most of my compulsions/tics were thought of as quirks.. both by teachers and students. Dealing with Spd and sensory issues, as far as only being able to wear certain clothes, shoes and hairstyles (which weren't cute) didn't help. And, as the years went on friends started gravitating away from me. And the ones I did have didn't respect me.. I had complete competency that what I was doing was unusual but couldn't stop.

    My parents put so much time, and energy and emotions into trying to help me, everything was a chore. I'm fully aware I was never the easiest kid aha... But their efforts failed, and by the time 7th grade rolled around it had gotten So bad. I was frequently a target in the halls, and even in classes teachers would single me out and ask "Why are you doing that?", "Meghan, do you ever change your hair?", to the point of being unprofessional. It was my mom who made the final decsision I wasnt going back. She was scrutenized to.. heavily. As though my symptoms were somehow her fault as a parent! Here I am.. two years later doing online school. Its been amazing, I can take the extra time and make my own schedule, or, not have a schedule at all. Living.. day to day with ocd is a challenge, theres so much its taken from me. But im just trying to focus on myself and stay happy! Homeschool gave me that chance!

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