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    Default Apraxia

    Hi, we are new to Time4 learning and are really enjoying it, our daughter has apraxia, has been in school for now almost 3 years and is only in K, she will be held back next year and redo K, (we requested that), it has been very disheartening, one day she will do fairly good, and then the next day she has almost forgot everything that had been worked with her, or should i say is having a problem knowing how to retreive the information, so i had looked at Time4learning prior to now, but hadn't done anything with it as far as signing her up or anything, until now.

    I told my husband there was a free trial so why not, we wouldn't be out anything if it didn't work, but oh wow what a wonderful suprise, i am so thankful to the LORD for Time4learning, she gets up in the morning and asked to hurry and get ready for school so before the bus comes if he can do some work on the computer, even on the weekends she wants to get on it,

    She is doing very good in Language Arts but not so good at all in the Math, i really like the fact that she can repeat any of the activities that she doesn't do so well on, and i like the fact too that the instructions are giving each time, which is really nice for a child that takes longer to catch on to some things.

    After reading some of the answers in the forum, i will be contacting the school to find out about getting her on this program there, since she really does enjoy it, and if she enjoys it that much eventually i am sure we will see great results.

    Thank you all so much and GOD bless each and eveyone of you that put so much work and time into providing this service for individuals, and thank you too for keeping the price reasonable so families can afford to offer it to their children.

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    Hi. Welcome to the forum. It's so nice to hear that Time4Learning is a good fit for your daughter.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Default Re: apraxia

    Thank goodness you found T4L! It is a wonderful program. The best thing is, the more times you repeat the math lessons, the more it will get ingrained in her.
    Can I make a suggestion that worked for my dd? Get some Cheerios and use as manipulatives. Put three bowls in front of her.
    Let's say you're teaching 3 + 2.
    In the first bowl, have her put 3 Cheerios. In the second bowl, have her put 2. Ask her to take them out of those two bowls and put them into the third bowl. Now count them.
    What this does is turn abtract math into real math.
    Also, despite what teachers say, let her count on her fingers! One thing I've learned is that learning to count up and back to 10 is huge! My dd (9) still has trouble remembering things like "if you have 6, how much more do you need to equal 10?" This becomes really important in subtraction and also numbers that add up to more than 10. The more you work with the Cheerios and getting her to SEE the math, the more improvement you'll see.

    The blocks helped her when she had to add 12+10. She knew she had one ten and two ones. So when we added a second ten, she literally SAW the two ones left over.

    Good luck!

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