Arggghhhhhh - Motivation and attention
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    Default Arggghhhhhh - Motivation and attention

    Okay vent here. I'm new and my 9 yr old has AS. I am so happy to find Time4learning because he can concentrate much better using the computer for school.

    BUT... trying to get him to stop doing what he's obsessived on and transition over to do some work is a work in progress. And frankly I am exhausted.

    So, how do you guys get your kid motivated to do the work?

    He loves the language arts part of it... lots of bells and whistles, lots of high fives and he loves being correct. But the math he isn't so found of.

    Here's the thing. He has always been advanced in LA and Math, until this year. Now it's like huh? Why isn't he getting it (with math that is). And he really resists going on. Maybe thats why it's hard to get him motivated? Usually once I get him on the LA part, he does great and loves it, but the math well he still hates it.

    Anyway, what do you guys do? I know I need more of a schedule for him, but were still new at this so I figure I have to do one thing at a time, but if you guys have any tips on what works with your kids, I am all ears.

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    Default Re: Arggghhhhhh - Motivation and attention

    Have you tried doing a schedule? Either a picture one or a numbered list would work. I didn't put a lot of stock in the idea of them until I saw how well they actually work, especially when it comes to transitioning. It sounds like your son may be having trouble with some of the math concepts and is frustrated because he wants to do things "right" or "perfect" like he has been doing in previous years. I would make him a specific schedule that went something like this:
    1. Wake up & get dressed
    2. Eat Breakfast
    3. Do ___ math activities
    4. Study passion (inset what it is) for ___ minutes
    5. Do ___ language arts activities
    6. Run around for ___ minutes
    7. Do ___ language arts extension activities
    8. Eat lunch
    9. Do ___ social studies activities
    10. Study passion for ___ minutes
    11. Do ___ science activities
    12: free time

    That way, he can see that math is not an endless frustration and that once he's done, he'll get to do what he's most interested in. Also, if there's a specific concept he's having trouble with and you can explain it in terms of his passion, I think that's sometimes best (in my limited experience!). For example, if he's into elevators and is trying to work with negative and positive integers, you can tell him that when the elevator is going up from the main floor (zero), the number is positive, but when it's going down, it's negative. So adding negatives would be going more down and subtracting negatives would be going less down, which of course would be up, or toward the positive side. His number line would be vertical instead of horozontal. Whatever it is he likes, focus on that!

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    Default Re: Arggghhhhhh - Motivation and attention

    Hi luvmykids,

    I loved Melissa schedule. I do think if you break it up it helps the child not to get too distracted. A few other tips are:

    We DVR their favorite shows to watch and if they are done on time with good grades and good attitudes they can pop some popcorn and snuggle with mom to watch their show. (haven't done this in a while, but it's an idea, LOL)

    Noise Reducing headphones help background noise not to interfere with the part of the brain that is receiving information.

    Something I am doing this year is allowing the boys to do one subject each, take a break, come back and do another set;-)

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    Default Re: Arggghhhhhh - Motivation and attention

    Thank you for the suggestions! I think your both right, my son really needs that schedule, and that was a great example you gave Melissa! We also went to a new Neurologist yesterday and were going to start a new medication due to his anxiety, which I think is getting in the way here somewhat.

    And I never thought about the noise reducing head phones. That might be worth a try because he does get distracted alot.

    Thanks for the tips!

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    My daughter has AS also. She is 5 years old but doing 1st grade work on T4L. She is reading level 3 and 4 books. Transitioning is an issue with her also but I did find a way that helps most of the time. I have a Time Tracker timer and set it up when she starts an activity. For example, we are working on math for 30 mins and when 20 mins is over the light changes from green to yellow and the last 5 mins it changes to red. She gets a visual warning and and audible warning. If she gets done in time then we gets some time with her favorate interest, like her reading "Mummies Made in Egypt". Then I set the timer again so we can prepare for the activity. At the end of the day if we had minimal transition problems she get a check mark on her calender. If we get 5 check marks in the week she gets to choose a activity or meal for the weekend. We also tap into her interest to do her lessons. Sitting in front of the computer sometimes can also be hard so we chew on orbit gum or suck on a lifesaver. Sometimes we have to bounce on a peanut or ball to get focused. I try to do some of her PT and OT in between lessons.
    Hopes some of this helps you.

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