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    Default ASD/Hyperlexic/Gif/ No patience 4 long pause,verbage,repiti


    We are just getting started on the program and I have noticed that my son who has Autism and is delayed and gifted (4 y/o) has NO patience for how long it takes to get through the verbage, possibly because there are a lot of words used that he doesnt identify with like "item" and a ton more that are fairly obscure to identify with auditorily. He is also impatient with the pauses and loading times, not that its impatience but his attention will drift elsewhere if there is nothing for him to do but wait, and then he is just gone. And the third thing is that many of the ways to identify the answer are the same excercise after excercise, year after year. There is variety within the program, but he gets bored very easily and once he has figured out the expectations, he feels angry, bored, dissapointed that he is being asked new questions in an old way. He feels like he "already did this" and fails to notice the challenge of the new material.

    Arggghhh! I thought this would be a perfect homeschool supplement for him since he loves working on the computer and is at several different grade levels and loves the immediate reward that working on a program like this offeres, but now I cant even get him to sign on.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Default Re: ASD/Hyperlexic/Gif/ No patience 4 long pause,verbage,repiti

    Hi Holly,

    I am so sorry that your son is struggling. I know as mom it's so tough when we are working hard to give them the best experience ever and then they are feeling disappointed, frustrated or overwhelmed. I know that every child is different.

    There is no way to remove the interactive portion of the program, but would it be less frustrating if you used Noise Reducing headphones? They help the brain to receive and hear only the things that your brain needs to hear to process and it blocks those noises that interfer with learning?

    I hope this helps,
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    Default Re: ASD/Hyperlexic/Gif/ No patience 4 long pause,verbage,repiti

    My son has similar issues to yours, but he loves T4L.

    I have noticed that when left to his own devices, DS will double up. For example, he will turn on a computer game and play his Leapster at the same time. If your son is the same way, maybe you could use the opportunity to do other things while the activities load. You might work on recognizing emotions by playing face games, or drawing on some paper you keep near the computer. It could also be that the pacing of the lessons is too slow. I have heard that from another person whose son has an ASD. In that case, I don't know what you could do. I hope you figure something out! You sound very upset.

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