Asperger's /PDD-NOS homeschooler new here.
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    Default Asperger's /PDD-NOS homeschooler new here.


    We're new here. I homeschool my grandson who has PDD-NOS. His neuropsychological and psychoeducational results came back saying that he wasn't officially Asperger's, but he would have the diagnosis if it weren't for the fact that he has language problems. So I consider my grandson Asperger's with language problems. My Adult son has Asperger's (25 yrs old), so I believe it runs in the family. My grandson was enrolled in Montessori for 3 years, Pre-K to 1st. He did thrive in the Montessori environment, until first grade where they limited the method and relied a lot on workbooks. It was unfortunate, the 1t grade class enrollment jumped up from 16 students to 27. The Montessori method was put on a back burner and so was the individualized instruction. We are loving homeschooling. Time4learning looks like it will meet my grandson's needs. It's fun and motivating and I like the testing and presentation features for use with the required Florida's homeschool annual evaluations. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and exchanging ideas here.


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    Default Re: Asperger's /PDD-NOS homeschooler new here.

    Welcome (((Elona)))

    I am SO glad you're here. I think that Time4Learning was life changing for us academically and emotionally. My boys THRIVE with their time4learning lessons and yet they give us plenty of flexibility to live our life to the fullest;-)
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