Hi, i'm very new here. My kid is on the autistic spectrum, and after so many years of fighting with the schools to follow his iep, i decided to try homeschool this year for his 6th grade year.

He does well on all the exciting interative subjects here. Like, for science, which is *his* subject anyway. He seriously owns science. Like, all the science belongs to him, or so he seems to think. He doesn't care for math, but he can tolerate it the way it's done here.

But i went to get him started on social studies, and it's a boring dry powerpoint of facts for him to read through. Do they not have at least just like, an audio of someone reading the content in the presentation aloud, like, at all? He made excellent grades last year in social studies and I would hate for him to fall behind. The way it is presented here in this curriculum is going to dry up any enthusiasm he managed to muster up for it last year.

Also, the LA extension is kinda dry too. I never was quite clear on what that is suppose to be for, or how it differs from language arts. Perhaps it is discussed in the website somewhere and I missed it.

Are there any kind of accommodations or different settings options for special needs kids here, besides being able to go back a grade and forward a grade? Like, one thing they did find that worked well for him at school last year was to have all of his sol test questions read aloud on audio. The special needs teacher mentioned that he complained, however, I noticed that for the first time he got 100s on some of his SOL tests done with audio, grades that he had never gotten before. (which was so weird, considering how many 0s and bad grades he made all year due to incomplete work.) Audio works well for him, so if there are options such as these available for some his lessons here, I would like to be aware of them.

Thanks for any suggestions!