Attention issues - starting out
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    Default Attention issues - starting out

    I just started using t4L with my 5yr son who has autism, sensory, language issues. Its been two weeks and i feel like he's not paying attention to anything that's on the screen and just clicking on any of the answers. I'm having him redo each lesson but it doesn't seem like he understands that he'll supposed to be listening. Are there techniques to help him with this? Do i have to repeat everything that's said online to him? I'm wondering if he can actually learn this way?

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    It sounds like your son needs some guiding. Any typical 5yr-old would need some assistance, but our children with special needs even more so need our assistance. Our daughter has Down syndrome. When she first started on T4L, I sat beside her and helped her through the lessons. Each child is different, but with my daughter after some time she is now able to work on her own, for the most part. Occasionally she still needs some direction. After I review her scores, there are times that I find she has scored low. When this happens, I sit with her while I watch her repeat the lesson. This way I can see where she is having trouble so I can help her to understand.
    So, again, I would advise you to sit with your son and work through the lessons with him. I'm sure he would enjoy doing it with you, as well.
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