Barton Reading & Spelling System for Dylexic Children
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    Default Barton Reading & Spelling System for Dylexic Children

    Hi there! We have been T4L users, though not as much this year as my son returned to the public school and we have only used it as a supplement for my daughter. I have been VERY happy with T4L. I don't know if it is okay to ask questions here about other programs as well, so if not just let me know... Here is our situation:

    I sent my son back to school this past year to have him tested for learning disabilities. What I had suspected indeed showed to be true...that he is dyslexic. Hindsight now, I wish I would have had him tested and this clarified for me a year earlier, but nonetheless, we now know. He loves being at school this year because of being with the other kids. We are rural and it was very hard for us while homeschooling to fulfill this area in his life. Therefore, I do not want to completely pull him out, (unfortunately).

    My problem is this: I do not feel that his (small) school has the knowledge/experience in dealing with a dyslexic child...much less the 'pull-out' teacher that he has been working with and will be working with again next year. Therefore, I am looking for a program that I can either use with him as a supplementary program, OR partial homeschool him in the reading and spelling areas with.

    The program that I was wanting to ask about is the Barton Reading & Spelling System. Has anyone used it? Did you/your child enjoy it? The reason I am asking about it is because I read so far that it is supposedly a very good system to use for dyslexic children and teach them a bit differently. I wanted to hear opinions from people outside of the Barton system.

    If you have used this program, please let me know whatever you can....or even other programs/techniques that have worked for you.

    Thanks so much!

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    Hi, Dakotamom.
    I used a program that is similar to Barton. The one I used with my daughter, who has Down syndrome, is called Phono-Graphix. I purchased a book from Amazon that taught me how to teach my daughter to read using this method. That book is titled Reading Reflex.
    Our daughter learned to read using Phono-Graphix, but Time4Learning helped her love reading and to practice it more. She loves the animated lessons here and loves to read along with T4L. She is now working on reading comprehension with T4L and progressing very well!
    enjoying homeschooling and learning with my kids, using T4L and T4W
    blogging our homeschool experiences at The Learning Hourglass

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