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    I'm a mom of 2. I did homeschool in California (my now 15 year old is a Type 1 Diabetic), but I'm really not sure I can meet the standards here.
    My son has OCD and very likely Asperger's. His school has not been good for him, and now he's developed a rare genetic disorder - not yet diagnosed, but he's having chronic pain and joint stiffness that has gone on for 6 months, and I believe his father has the same disorder. It's incurable and there isn't much in the way of treatment beyond supportive pain management. He's missed most of the school year, and when he does go I can tell he's just barely making it.
    He wants me to homeschool him. I've been considering it, but my situation is different. I'm a single mom, and also recently diagnosed with Autism. My ex-husband is very supportive of me, sends ample child support when working but right now is looking for a job. My son qualified for SSI, and my case is pending. By next fall we should be doing better financially, but I also have to start a Health Information Systems program so I can do some work at home.
    I would appreciate any help/assistance/advice. I really don't feel confident that he'll be physically safe at his current school, and I don't believe all the teachers are on board with the accoodations he needs.

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    Hello, julieB73.
    It must be hard for your son to stay focused in school and stay on track with chronic pain. I can only imagine. Has he tried the demos here at Time4Learning? I don't quite understand when you say you're not sure you can meet the standards here. Do you mean your state?

    The great thing about time4learning is that students can work at his own pace. This is such a benefit, especially for families dealing with health issues. You didn't say what grade your son is in, but something else I like about T4L is that upon placing a child in a certain grade level, Time4Learning also provides a feature that allows students to navigate the grade level above for enrichment, as well as the level below for review, depending on the grade level. Also, Time4Learning has a reports section that provides progress reports regarding lessons, activities, and assessment scores. It also tracks student usage by date. Parents can log in and review the reports at any time. The tests and progress reports are printable so parents can track progress and, if desired, include reports in portfolios. This makes record-keeping so much easier.

    If you're considering pulling your son out of school now, Time4Learning is a flexible program with the ability to adjust starting points and levels. However, if you plan to have your son finish the school year, you can always try Time4Learning through the summer and see how this program works for him. Time4Learning has no contracts, so you can cancel or pause the program at any time. It's a month to month membership. If Time4Learning doesn't work for him, then you'd still have time to try to find another curriculum for homeschooling. I've found that most kids like working on he computer. My daughter loves time4Learning.

    I hope that helps.
    enjoying homeschooling and learning with my kids, using T4L and T4W
    blogging our homeschool experiences at The Learning Hourglass

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