Considering homeschooling my 6 yr old who is mildly autistic
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Thread: Considering homeschooling my 6 yr old who is mildly autistic

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    Default Considering homeschooling my 6 yr old who is mildly autistic

    Hi there everyone!! My son just turned 6, and we are about 2 weeks away from the start of the new school year, and I am debating if I will be enrolling him in school or homeschooling him. He had a wonderful year last year, he was so blessed to have the most awesome PPCD teacher, but she moved over the summer. Plus he has already graduated from the PPCD program so he will be transitioning into a functional education program at a different school. His former teacher has given me some advice, and it's her opinion that he is extremely intelligent so he is doing fine academically, but he still struggles a lot in the social aspect. She thinks that the greatest benefit of him being in regular school is that he would get the socialization he needs. But as other parents of children with autism know, transitioning them into a totally new environment with totally new people can be extremely difficult. So I don't really know if I should just deal with it and enroll him, or if I should spare him the anguish and stress and just homeschool him. Any advice or comments or personal experiences anyone would like to share are welcome!! Thanks so much!!

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    I hear your concerns and they are legitimate. If the only reason the teacher supports him going to public school is for socialization, then I wouldn't do it. Socialization and homeschooling is FULL of myths. Most homeschooled kids are way more socialized than public school kids. There are great homeschool support groups and co-ops to join. Your son will have much more chances to socialize in those than he would in public school, and you have more control over who he is around and what circumstances he is involved in. Most homeschool support groups and co-ops have filed trips, sports groups, music and drama groups, filed day, yearbooks, special clubs, physical education groups, terrific classes at co-op, and so much more. Google your area for homeschool co-op groups or homeschool co-op classes. Have you checked your state forum here at the Parent Community? I suggest you check there first.
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    Im having the same issues. But mine had a hard time in 1 st I'm homeschooling now and it's not easy. Mine has Aspergers. With OCD/ anxiety/sensory issues. He was running away outside saying he was going home haha. The bad thing is the head special Ed teacher did not know how to deal with it. I even told them he's a runner and he needs to be a arm length away. They didn't listen so it was a safety issue so I took him out. I'm in the process of finding a homeschool group. He had an IEP too. I take him to OT every week, and mounted eagles horse therapy every two weeks. I am scared to let him go back because they said they didn't have enough para's and he needs one in all unstructured times. But the stress level is high at home, even though I hide it lol. Thereis a Montessori school he MIT get in, but that's not really structured but they have a para for him, and lots of outside play update us I was to hear your thoughts! Thanks!

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    This is my opinion and based on experiences I see. When people who do not have special needs children say that our special needs children need socialization this is what it sounds like to me. :

    Your child needs socialization- your child needs to learn to cope with being made fun of.
    your child will learn to talk to other kids there age-my child needs to learn how to cuss and say immodest things and think its funny?
    your child needs to learn to interact with people without loosing control of there emotions- Same but how many of those kids will teach her that and who is going to have time to sit with her and explain a better way and in the mean time who is going to protect those kids or mine if that does occur?

    Reading about the Charlotte Mason method and her special time set aside to teach good habits and socialization skills and remembering shows about schools in a farm house when they were raised and taught how to be good people first and science skills 2nd made me make the homeschool leap.

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