Considering Using T4L for child w/Muscular Dystrophy
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Thread: Considering Using T4L for child w/Muscular Dystrophy

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    Default Considering Using T4L for child w/Muscular Dystrophy

    Using T4L for Child with Muscular Dystrophy
    I was wondering if anyone has used or is using this curriculum for a child with Muscular Dystrophy. If so, how did your child benefitted from it. Also how long does it take to complete a Math and LA lesson per day? My child has MD, and due to muscle weakness, she gets tired from time to time when she is writing for her Math/LA lessons. I was thinking that maybe if she used a mouse and typed more, it would lessen her tiredness. She does pretty good in these subjects but it takes her about 1 1/2 to 2hrs. just to do Math. I also have to be constantly moving her along during her lesson, she gets distracted very easily and always asks for help when she is working on concepts that she already learned and they are review. She forgets easily what she learned the day before. But she can narrate a movie scene and line for line perfectly. She will describe movie scenes exactly and speak just like the characters and tell me exactly what they said! I am hoping T4L might be a good fit for her... One more question, does the Math provide story problems? Thank you.

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    I have a son with Visual impairments and found that T4L after researching and going over many reviews; that is was a good curriculum for him. What I do is i give him 5 min breaks and it seems to work and we take little recess time to go out and play for 30 min and we get back to work. Math is a struggle for him on paper or this due to his ability to comprehend the material but it works it shows pictures and games at times. LA was a struggle on paper he had trouble with seeing and he also has cerebral palsy. I love T4L.

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    I have custody of my 9 year old Grandson who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This is our first year of homeschooling. It was getting to hard for him to go to school. It drained him and often left him feeling left out of things. He was mobile last year but is now in a wheelchair most of the time. I struggle withy him to get his work done and he complains that writing hurts his hands. But I am happy with the time 4 learning courses and activities. I also use some Abeka HomeSchool curriculum, which is a Christian base home school. But I could not afford their tuition fees for their online program.
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    Hi Logan's Grannie! I am happy to hear your grandson is doing o.k. with T4L and that you are happy with it.

    Your grandson might also enjoy the following sites: (free to use)

    Learning Games for Kids
    Vocabulary Is Fun
    Vocabulary Spelling City

    Best wishes to you and please take time to keep us updated.

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