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    Hello, I am new to homeschooling, have been doing it since beginning of feb. My son has autism,adhd and other medical issues and he wasn't getting what he needed at the public school so I made the decision to homeschool him, he is 11 yo doing 2 grade work for everything but math which is at a 1 grade level he loves time4learning, we have been doing this and book work, and he is overwhelmed. Can I just do time4learning, or do i have to do both. We live in fl and I am just nervous. Any responses would be appreciated.

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    Hi, mom2jpaj.

    I live in Florida, too. My daughter has Down syndrome and she is also working at a 1st grade level in math, second grade science and social studies, but a 3rd/4th grade level in Language Arts. One of the wonderful benefits of using Time4Learning and homeschooling is that we can meet our kids at the level their at. We can have them work at their pace, challenging them and working them at a level where they won't become overwhelmed. You've only just begun homeschooling, so you're still learning what a good balance for this is. Don't beat yourself up and don't be nervous. Though I know it's easier said than done. I have my daughter evaluated by a certified teacher who is also a homeschool mom. I prefer a homeschool certified teacher because she is familiar with homeschooling and has the same mindset we have. She also gives me tips and advise on how to work with my dd with academics.

    In Florida the requirement of the law says that the student must show progress at the end of the year. This is hard for us to see as we're working with them day to day. It's like physical growth. It's hard for us to see how much our children have grown throughout the school year when we're with our children daily.

    To answer your question, you can just do Time4Learning. What I do is that when I see my daughter has difficulty, in math, for example, with a particular concept, I will have her repeat the lessons. I also find other ways to teach her the concept she's struggling with. For example, money. I have a box with change and we do different hands-on exercises teaching her how to count money. If the lesson on T4L doesn't have printables, I'll find some free printables online. It's very easy to just Google and find free printables. For the most part, we only do Time4Learning. The only other thing I have her do is copy work to practice her penmanship. I just have her copy from a book. As she's gotten older and better, we've added more. At some point I will start dictating to her. This also helps her with punctuation, grammar, spelling and sentence structure. We also watch educational movies and go on field trips with our homeschool support group.

    Another great benefit for homeschooling my daughter with special needs, though, is that I have time to teach her life skills and work with some of her discipline issues. And to include my other kids, who I also homeschool, we love being together and growing together as a family.

    Please feel free to ask any other questions. I hope this was of some help, but I'm happy to answer more.
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