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    I started homeschooling my 9 yr old son Nov 2011. He was in a third grade class functioning at a 1st grade level. He has been diagnosed with major depression disorder and social phobia. I was thinking of putting him into private school this fall. I have just started to look at time4learning as my primary homeschool curriculum. I have been using PACES with accelerated christian education. He and I are very bored with them at this point. I'm struggling with the thought of putting him into third grade, because he will be 10 in October, he has already been set back a grade, and he is very mature in many other ways. I'm guess I'm realizing I may have jumped the gun thinking he could be ready to go back this fall. I have felt very alone this past year and really struggling to find a rythym that he can work at successfully. I am thinking keeping him home the next year would probably be best. I guess I'm looking to hear from other homeschooling mom's of special needs kids, as to how it works best for them? Thanks for sharing and hope this made sense. So much is on my mind.

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    My son is dyslexic, dysgraphic and gifted. He did well in school until 2nd grade so we weren't aware that there were any really serious issues. I won't go into details, but it was a nightmare once he hit 2nd grade this past school year. We got caught completely off guard. He had always managed to function well in school. 2nd grade was so awful, he began having nightmares, he lost a lot of friends, his hands would shake when he tried to do homework, etc.. We finally had him assessed, found out what his issues were and tried to work out ways to help him through the school. The school tried to be helpful, but they have no real training in these areas and the teacher was not terribly sympathetic. In fact, her solution to his slow hand writing was to scream at him and prevent him from doing any science activities (which he loved) or have any recess even AFTER his assessement. The situation continued to decline at a rapid pace. We finally pulled him out of school on January 31st in an attempt to reverse some of the tremendous psychological damage that had occured, as well as give him a fighting chance to get back up to speed academically. I had no curriculum in place and had a weekend to try and pull something together. Time4Learning and the option to homeschool in the first place, were both a God-send. We have decided to homeschool for this next year, too. My daughter is also dyslexic and she is borderline dyscalculic (cannot rote memorize basic math facts). We have decided to homeschool her for at least the next year as well (she will be going into 6th grade). I know you feel very alone, and you are uncertain what path to take. I felt the same way for a while. I was able to find others who are homeschooling, and to join a homeschoolign coalition, but I have not yet found another parent in my area with my same issues. It can seem very lonely at times, but having other families that are homeschooling to talk with may help. I must tell you, homeschooling was the path we needed to go. It sounds like homeschooling may very well be the best path for you and your son as well. If you can find a homeschooling group in your area, they may be able to provide support and give your son a chance to interact with other children in a more controlled and nurturing environment then a standard school setting. I wish you much luck. Please let me know how things are going. JCMC

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