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Thread: Dysgraphia

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    Default Dysgraphia

    My oldest son has dysgraphia, and we are reading books and trying to find the best learning methods for him.
    Does anyone else have a child with dysgraphia? Do you have any tips on the best way to teach language arts and math?

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    I don't have any experience with dysgraphia, but I Googled "Time4Learning dysgraphia" and found a lot of interesting information. You might give that a try.

    At least one forum member that I know of has a child with dysgraphia. (Jennifer, are you out there?) Hopefully others will come along and share.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Default dysgraphia

    Hi, I know all about dysgraphia because my 10yr. old has the condition. There are several types of dysgraphia and it doesn't mean that your child can't write, it just means that there is a disconnect from mental ideas onto paper. Your child may be a great reader, but a horrible writer. Children with this disorder are often considered lazy and untrying -- this is very unfair to them and there are many things you as a parent can do to help.
    If you want more advice please don't hesitate to ask. I will be glad to lead you in the right direction

    Some symptoms my son had were:
    weird pencil gripping
    talking to himself while writing
    severe lack of punctuation in writing
    badly misspelled words or words spelled many different ways on the same paper
    odd word orientation on the paper


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    Default dysgraphia

    Has anyone tried OT or another therepy to help dysgraphia? Have you found any books helpful?


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    This is both to share what we are doing as well as to get more sugestions.

    My dd, as I have posted several times elsewhere struggles with reading, writing, spelling, processing as well. She is 10, repeated second grade and is now in 4th doing T4L 3rd. We went through all the PS testing to have them tell us she did not have a LD because she was not 3 grades level behind (just 1 1/2!) I did enough reading and research though that I believe she has dyslexia and after reading recent posts, possibly dysgraphia as well.

    I really struggle between trying to get her caught up to "age - grade level" and just focusing on the basics. We've had some tears and resistance, but not nearly the amount as last year with all the daily homework!

    She is actually reading quite well and writes beautiful cursive. However, she will only write when she has to, everything is spelled wrong even though we've worked on simple words for years. She cries and freaks at assignments! I have actually been just letting her type a few sentences into T4L assignments at this time. I give her very easy handwriting assignments. We just read Pinnochio (very long story) And I broke it down into 4 simple questions where she only had to write a sentence for each. For reading, she loves to read and reads for about an hour every night. She reads easy fairy, kitty stories, and although she misses a lot of words and themes, she gets the main jist of the stories.

    I'd like to have her read more historical stories and progress in writing. She is reading American girl and we like them, but they are a little difficult for her. Any suggestions on easy historical or educational books she can read on her own? And suggestions of other writing assignments to help her move forward. Thanks for the ones already posted.

    We do use Sequential spelling and that helps some but she doesn't seem to be able to apply the words outside of the spelling book. How do you teach application of spelling? Robin, Chasiety, others? What is I had a book of basic words for her to refer to when writing? Maybe one she creatively puts together? Just brainstorming with myself!

    Off to wake up the kids! Blessing for the day!

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    I'd like to have her read more historical stories and progress in writing

    These are some easier history novels that I had found when my daughters were younger.
    the I Can Read Books, they come in levels 1-3, these are reading levels and not grade. We have used from this company: The Drinking Gourd, Wagon Wheels, Daniel's Duck, Hill of Fire, Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express.

    The Magic Tree House has books on the American Revolution, the Civil War, Egypt, Africa, Vikings and many others. They even have research guides.

    At about the same level as the American Girls books are Time For Kids, Biographies. Clara Barton Angel of the Battlefield, Harriet Tubman a Woman of Courage, Thomas Edison a Brilliant Inventor and Franklin D. Roosevelt a Leader in Troubled Times.

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